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Most of you probably already know that I am a huge proponent of “green” interior design! In addition, I am educating myself this year on ways to have a more eco-friendly Christmas. Although I have not actually implemented all of these ideas in my own home yet, I want to share my research with you in this blog post. If we all make just a few changes in our own holiday traditions, we can collectively make a significant impact on our environment!

Here are a few “green” Christmas tips to get us started…

(Except where noted, photos from Country Living.)

1. Switch to energy-efficient, LED lights for your holiday decorating.

These types of lights burn 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional Christmas lights. In addition, they are cool to the touch, which makes them a much safer option for decorating your tree.

And if you need further proof, consider this…. the Rockefeller Center Tree in NYC has even been converted to LED lights! To learn more details, click HERE.

Tree in Rockefeller Center2. Decorate with vintage or antique decor, rather than buying new.

By recycling old pieces, less waste is produced in the disposal of old items. In addition, less energy is expended in the manufacturing of new items to replace the old.

These gently damaged gold birds were able to be re-used in this arrangement.Vintage postcards make an interesting holiday display.Vintage, metallic ornaments make a simple, yet lovely, statement.This wreath was made from old ornaments.

3. Decorate with greenery or natural elements from your own yard!

This chandelier is adorned with fresh-cut flowers.Evergreens and dried seed pods comprise this simple arrangements. 4. Make your own garland and decorations.

This tree boasts homemade, cranberry-popcorn garland. From Under the Wild Cherry Trees blog.

Click HERE to go to the recipe for these Gingerbread Snowflake ornaments (below).

5. Use recycled wrapping paper and ribbon, or create your own unique designs!

This package is creatively wrapped in a vintage shirt and brooch!This paper is actually music paper enlarged and photocopied.This paper was created by sandwiching colorful wax shavings between layers of tissue paper and ironing them until the wax melted. The cluster of dahlias is made from tissue.

5. Rather than cutting down a real tree or purchasing a faux tree, buy a potted tree with a root ball that can be planted in your yard after the holidays.

(Although this is a fabulous “green” alternative, I must confess that I am not yet ready to give up my traditional Christmas trees! Maybe in future years, though…)

These tiny little evergreens can be planted in the yard after Christmas! Photo from Country Living.Living Christmas tree at the World Forestry Center at Washington Park, Portland, Oregon. Photo from Green Options website.Check out this modern, eco-friendly tree alternative from Buro North.6.  Rather than throwing away your Christmas cards when the season is over, recycle them into next year’s gift tags by cutting out the fronts into smaller shapes and attaching ribbons.


Photo from Thrifty Fun website. 

7. Recycle your tree!

Some cities pick up discarded Christmas trees on a specific day, then have them turned into mulch. To find out more about your area, contact your local sanitation department or check online at Earth 911.

Logo design by Devanny Gumulya.So, come on, everyone…. Will you join me this year in an effort to spread awareness and contribute to a more environmentally-conscious holiday season? Post a comment about your experiences or ideas! I would love to hear from you!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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