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As I was reading through the posts of some of my favorite interior design blogs this morning, there were a couple of Labor Day highlights that I thought my readers might also appreciate….. Enjoy!

Fellow blogger, CocoCozy, featured this Perfect Party Porch photo that I sooooo think is FABULOUS! (Click the hyperlink to see the full blog post on her site).  This outdoor space was created by Mabley Handler Interior Design…. straight out of the Hamptons! Who wouldn’t love to host their Labor Day gathering in this delicious spot?!

And if you had a little more “work” planned for your holiday, check out where Coco was “conducting business” in her OUTDOOR OFFICE.  Ahhhh… what a life!

CocoCozy’s Outdoor “Office”

Another blog that I enjoy reading is Habitually Chic. It is written by fellow interior designer, Heather Clawson, who lives and works in New York City (and you all KNOWWWW how much I love New York City! Simply my favorite place on earth!).

This beautiful quote she posted for Labor Day weekend brings back nostalgic moments of summers past….

When summer gathers up her robes of glory,

And, like a dream, glides away.

– Sarah Helen Whitman

Below are a couple of her peace-evoking photos that go along with this quote. If you have a chance, click HERE to view the whole post… well worth it!

Another of my favorite design blogs, Things That Inspire (based out of Atlanta, Georgia), featured a post on Kitchen Design (which, coincidentally, was on my short list of topics to blog about in the next couple of weeks, too!). The photos Holly uses in her post are absolutely “sunny”! (Now, if only there was a ray of sunshine to be found this Labor Day in Myrtle Beach, SC! Rain, rain, go awaaaaay!). Below are a few of my favorites, mostly because of their French influence and/or natural light!

The light in this space is just so cheerful… it screams for me to make a cup of tea, while reading a design magazine!

Hard not to love this kitchen with its beckoning seating area and comfortable aura!

Although this was not one of Holly’s absolute favorites, I truly love this kitchen! The cabinets do it for me…. But, I do agree that the light is not as spectacular as in some of the other kitchens she featured.

Ronda Carmen, of All The Best, is on a “blogging break” in Paris, but I just had to note how jealous I am that she posted this photo and jetted off to her fun and follies over Labor Day weekend. Working, my toe! Just like I was “working” in New York last week! Working my way to the Sak’s shoe department, maybe! Bonjour, Ronda! Hope it’s sunny in Paris! Enjoy!

Take me, take me!

Although Maria Killiam, of Colour Me Happy, might be hanging out with her one-year-old nephew this holiday weekend, she is often hard at work in her FAB new office space that she just designed. Take a look….

This office is as cheerful as Maria Killiam herself!

My new friend and fellow business woman, Amanda Burge, authors a wonderfully informative blog called AB Home Interiors. Her Labor Day Sunday post was entitled “Brown – the always “it” color”. I could not agree more with her perspective that brown never goes out of style, despite all the new trends constantly coming down the block. For those of you who know me personally, you may remember that brown was my “new black” (in terms of fashion) before it ever reemerged as being  “hot” in the world of interior design. Definitely take a few minutes to read her whole post on this topic, but below are a few of the quick photo highlights that I particularly loved!

There are some additional design blogs that I also think are fabulous, but to keep this post from being too lengthy, I will share those with you in a future post. But for today…. on this lovely long weekend…. I wish you all peace and relaxation with those you hold dear to your heart! HAPPY LABOR DAY, ALL!

If you would like to make your home more fabulous, then contact me for an initial consultation.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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