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Thoughts of trailers and mobile homes are not generally synonymous with the idea of modern chic. However, this post may change your preconceptions about a trailer’s potential for style and sophistication!

Although I have not yet designed the interiors for one of these mobile abodes, I am chomping at the bit for the challenge to present itself! I am a firm believer that small spaces are the perfect places to go “all out” with design. Whether or not home interiors are well-appointed should never be determined by the size of the area being decorated.

Shown in the photos below are some fabulous examples of modest trailers that were transformed into spectacular spaces!

In Cape Town, South Africa, seven vintage Airstream trailers were hauled from the United States and transplanted onto the rooftop of a chic, urban hotel. Local artisans then revamped each of these trailers into fantastic new creations. To learn more about this  one-of-a-kind, luxury rooftop trailer park, click this link to The Grand Daddy hotel.

But South Africa, doesn’t have the corner on the market for luxurious trailers!  Take a look at some other chic trailers created by designers right here in the United States!

Interior of Kristiana Spalding’s “Silver Trailer” Airstream (via Adeeni Design Blog)

Designed by Barclay ButeraDesigned by Christopher C. DreamBelow are some photos from Airstream International. Be sure to click the link to view their online photo gallery.

…. And the Airstream Serenity trailer….


And another great blog post that I read on this topic is from Adeeni Design Group… click HERE to check out more photos from their post!

So, what do you think now about trailers and interior design?! Can they co-exist? What ideas do YOU have for YOUR dream trailer?

Now, go have an “It’s so Fabulous!” day!

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