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As most of my readers and interior design clients already know, I have a passion for “green” design! Although this movement is not one that is particularly renowned in Myrtle Beach, SC (the resort town in which I live), I always love when I am given the opportunity to utilize my resources in creating an environmentally-friendly home.

Most recently, Knotting Hill Interiors was commissioned to redesign an existing home in my very own neighborhood. This project has since received a great deal of press and recognition from several statewide publications, as well as

Today, I am focusing on some of the eco-friendly kitchen features found in this home, and the ways in which you can re-create them in your own home.

Below is an angle of this fabulous kitchen, and among its many earth-friendly attributes are Energy Star appliances & windows. Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that promotes environmental protection through the use of energy efficient products and practices. In doing so, other bonuses for participating consumers include saving money on their energy bills and even Federal tax credits in some cases. Click the Energy Star link above to learn more about how you can become involved!

As you can see, choosing an eco-friendly kitchen does not involve sacrificing beautiful interiors! The myth that “going green” means that you end up with a less-than-aesthetically-pleasing result is simply that…. a MYTH! The options today are virtually endless.

The ways in which you can contribute to the creation of an earth-friendly home are also diverse. For instance, this kitchen also boasts recycled and re-used materials  as part of its design. The table pictured below was made from reclaimed wood, rather than cutting down new trees for its construction.

Another interesting vintage item that was reconfigured and mounted in the kitchen is the homeowners’ very first phone, which is now 25 years old. Hanging above that is an old phone booth placard purchased from an English flea market.

In other words, another way that your family can contribute to the “green movement” is by simply re-using old items, whenever possible, rather than purchasing new ones.

Take a look at this absolutely stunning spiral staircase (below) that leads to the children’s playroom from the rear of the kitchen! This staircase was recovered from the burned ruins of an old French castle, and upon its arrival in this modern-day kitchen, was modified to meet current building standards. This treasure is truly an heirloom for the family members of this eco-friendly home!

One of the most popular items in this kitchen for children and adults alike is its foot pedal sink! The foot pedal allows the user to control the flow of water, thus promoting conservation on a much more conscious level. In addition, foot pedal sinks are also sanitary and inexpensive upgrades! So, if you are considering a kitchen remodel or building a new home, this type of sink may be just the right option for your family!

Here is a close-up of the foot pedal itself! The kids have a ball with this feature... it's like driving a car!

For all of my interior design clients and blog readers out there… from Charleston to Myrtle Beach to Wilmington to Savannah…. and far beyond!….  I encourage you to carefully consider the ways in which you can “go green” in your next home project! Give it s shot…. it’s easier than you might think!

For more information and photos, click the Metropolitan Home magazine cover shown below that featured “green renovations”.

Here is a photo of one of the kitchens featured in the Metropolitan Home magazine article.


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