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If interior design is my life partner, fashion is my first love.  It literally brings me so much joy to walk into Knotting Hill Interiors everyday and share both of my passions with the world.  It also has done wonders for my wardrobe!  I don’t have to go any further than “to work” to find beautiful clothes, stunning jewelry and fabulous accessories such as shoes, hats, scarves, etc.  It’s like playing dress up every single day (and I have been known to throw in a costume change or two at lunchtime!).

I’ve been giddy with excitement about being able to share some of our newer items with y’all the past few weeks.  There are so many customers (local and long distance) that are not aware of the amazing selection of retail available at Knotting Hill Interiors.  I tell many of my girlfriends husbands that we are literally a “one stop shop” if you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, no matter the occasion.

I love dresses.  I love wearing them.  I love how they make me feel so feminine and pretty.  I especially love trying to pick the perfect dress that will be great for work – and then easily transition into something I can wear out to dinner if my day goes long and I don’t have time to run home and change.  And, I always look for pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down with the right jewelry.  If you know me, I am never without my accessories.  Finding the perfect necklace or bracelet is just as important as the dress itself!  I look at fashion through a very similar lens that I do for interior design.  Sometimes, it might be the accessory (that fantastic chair or breathtaking chandelier) that is the “wow” statement in the room.  Same goes for fashion!  The perfect vintage necklace could easily steal the spotlight from the dress you spent months waiting to wear with your open toed sandals!  Ok, so are you ready to see some of my favorite dresses of Knotting Hill Interiors spring season?

This is the perfect dress for me to wear if I know I have day full of meetings and I also know I am ending the day at one of my favorite restaurants with my husband sipping on a glass of champagne.  Sometimes a girl just has to add a little “bling” at the beginning of the day if she knows she has a long day ahead.  And of course, always end the day with some sparkle!

Beige sheer dress with metallic leather polka dots. Beige tank dress comes with. $188.99
Pearls necklace $27.99
Vintage Cross brooch necklace $216.99

This would be one of those everyday pieces.  I could do my design installations in this dress. It’s comfortable, it won’t show wrinkles or creases and it’s really fun! While the dress leans a little bit more towards trendy rather than classic and elegant (which is more my style) the jewelry brings the sophistication it needs to work in my closet.

Navy/Pink dress $164.99
John Wind Equestrian necklace $126.99
Small pearl necklace $105.32

Ok, this dress is HOT!  The lines on this dress are very flattering.  And, did I mention this dress has built in body shaping!! After I have had a few great weeks of yoga and the gym, this is the kind of dress that I put on and I spend the entire day feeling absolutely amazing about myself (and then treat myself to a big piece of chocolate cake at the end of the day!).  I LOVE the pop of orchid and turquoise in the necklace as well.  I’d probably rock an amazing radiant orchid (color of the year!!) clutch to top off this outfit.

NUE by Shani dress Ivory/Black/Red. Built in body shaping $333.99
Statement necklace $43.99

Can you say, “I’ll see you at the races?”  Many of you know that I probably spend as much time with my daughter at horse competitions as I do at the store.  I love supporting Grayanna and her gift of riding and her love of horses. So, it would be quite natural for me to spend a morning in the office and an afternoon cheering her on at a competition.

Heather Blond Montauk Deep V neck dress with rhinestone detail $180.99
Whittall & Shon, Avery hat $140.99  

This is another dress that is just so everyday me.  I look great in this style. It’s fresh and colorful and most of all, comfortable. Skinny belts are back – and we have plenty of them at the store!

Mint shift dress with flutter sleeves $59.99
Turquoise skinny belt $14.99
Bangles $16.99
Pink beaded necklace $42.99

Do you love what you see?  All of these dresses (and so many more!) are available at Knotting Hill Interiors right now!  If you are a long distance fan, give us a call and tell us which piece (with the descriptions we used for the clothes and accessories!) and we will be happy to ship it right to your door! And if you are a local – well, why haven’t I seen you in the store yet!

For help with your home or room design please contact us at and visit our website.  Follow Knotting Hill on Pinterest and Facebook.

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