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As I said earlier in the week, fashion and interior design are forever linked to one another. I think of them as both being an outward expression of one’s inner creativity. With each passing season, new trends come and go, and most of them circle around more than once in a lifetime. One popular trend right now, which I happen to love, is the use of  jewel tone colors. As you can see from the In Style photo below, these colors are being used in everything from evening gowns to accessories to casual clothing pieces.

The same jewel tones are showing up in interior design, as well. Below are some photos of a dining room I created with some of these gorgeously saturated shades.

The wallpaper and window treatments in this room are done in rich jewel tones. The bright chair cushions are upholstered in a lovely shade of turquoise that stands out against the more subdued background.

The subtle color differences in the wallpaper give it movement and create interest.

In Amanda Nisbet’s home, featured in House Beautiful, she uses jewel tones in an entirely different way, often as accents. The jewel tones that she chooses to include are those of rubies, citrine, and amethysts. Although these are not necessarily the colors we traditionally envision in a jewel tone palette, they certainly are representative of fabulously rich gemstone shades.

Regardless of which jewel tones you choose to work with, any of them are sure to add a touch of elegance and glamour to any space. So, this season, explore your inner diva, and re-focus your efforts on inserting shades of your favorite precious gems into your decor!

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