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Fashion and interior design are interconnected, so usually, they closely resemble one other! Knotting Hill Interiors was recently asked to submit photos for a magazine article on this topic, so I thought I would share a few snippets on my blog this week.

As most of you probably know by now, I LOVE blue-and-white pottery! I consider it to be a “neutral”, of sorts, since it can be blended with almost any decor.

Robert Cavalli actually designed a runway gown in a stunning blue-and-white print based upon the pattern of his favorite Ming vase! The pattern was so intricate that the textile printer only created enough fabric for that one dress. Victoria Beckham was photographed wearing it at Elton John’s Tiara Ball in London, and she could not have been more breathtaking!

Here are a couple of photos of a bedroom I designed for some South Carolina interior design clients. Look at this gorgeous blue-and-white patterned fabric!

Notice how the blue-and-white fabric can be blended with a variety of colors, and it seems to work with all of them! It's a neutral!

Blue-and-white patterns are not only gorgeous in the form of fabrics, but they are also fabulous as accessories!

Here is a Ming vase, which is the same type of accessory that Cavalli used as his inspiration for Victoria Beckham's gown.

Flow Blue pottery is one of my favorites, such as that found in this photo from Silver Quill Antiques. A selection of this pottery is also available at Knotting Hill Interiors if you are interested in purchasing some for your home. I use it EVERYWHERE, and I never get tired of it!

The next time you ask yourself what to wear, maybe just take a quick look around your home! You may find inspiration in the decor you find right under your nose!

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