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I would never describe my style of design as “trendy”.  Livable luxury and elegance tend to keep me looking for what is truly “classic” in design, meaning it will still be and look beautiful years from now.  Does that mean that I do not pay attention to, appreciate and utilize trends in my design seasonally?  Absolutely!  I find, especially when working with a classically beautiful design foundation, trends blend and flow so much more effortlessly than if a whole room design is based on a trend.  When doing my routine inspection of blogs and websites to see who was up to what this fall, I found a wonderful post over at HGTV and pulled some simple and fabulous ways to bring popular trends into your home this fall very easily.

The Trend…

The Curated Look

“The ‘curated look’ is the biggest design trend this fall,” says Lynn Byrne of Decor Arts Now. “It is a liberating trend; the only rule is that you collect and display what you love.”

Create Unexpected Vignettes

To mix and match styles effortlessly at home, gather up a few unique pieces that you love. Thinking in groups of three to five and look at what could be moved and integrated with other existing pieces to shake things up. Reconfiguring new and existing pieces in an experimental way can allow for the most unusual of pairings.

Display a Collection

Y’all know how I feel about collections and it just warmed my heart to see it make the fall trend list! As far as I am concerned, collections are a MUST in every home!

Try a Tray

Smaller bits of bright hues can invigorate your decor, too. I got excited by the “tray trend” at market this year and these pics were taken at our store.  A tray is so great because it looks fabulous and is actually practice, too! You can use it!

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