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Every home should tell a story….

My color photo wall

A home graced by southern design holds the story of your family.  It keeps your legacy.  It preserves your ancestors and gives your children strong roots from which to grow.  When you walk into a home that has been touched by traditions of the south, you immediately want to feel connected to feelings and memories of how your mother kept her home, and how her mother kept her home and so on.  A wonderful way to do this is to create a family photo wall that celebrates your family.

Source: Pinterest

How you choose to display your family photos, of course, requires a bit thought on how it fits with the overall design of your home. There is a right way to do photo walls and most people make mistakes here.  A consistent theme is necessary and an culled and edited group of photos are best.   Here are my tips:

 1.       Use same color frames although they can be different in their look but should also contain the  same mats.

2.       Keep the wall clean and elegant.  Don’t go overboard and don’t clutter the wall with too many different elements.

3.       Make sure the photos are visible and are not snapshots

My black and white photo wall

4.       Consider an all black and white photo wall or an all color wall; if you mix these it can end up looking like clutter

5.       Too many photos keeps the eye from focusing on the ones that are important so keep the number down

6.       EDIT! EDIT! EDIT!  Most people make the common mistake of framing and hanging every photo of their children they ever owned.  This ends up looking like clutter.  Edit and change the photos out.  Make your photo wall includes the most important photos of all.

Your family photo wall grows with you are your family grows.  When you first get married, you may be telling the story of how you and your spouse met, your wedding and want to display the people in your life who are important to you such as friends and other family members. Once you have children this can quickly change as you might not be able to keep up with how fast they grow and want to hold on to each and every memory you have with them!

I love the idea of preserving the art of printing and framing photos!  We interact and connect so much online these days that it is easy to think that looking at a photo on your computer is the same as looking at a beautiful collage of photos in your foyer that greets you every time you walk into your house!  I love the collage above! Even though my Grayanna is only in middle school, when I look at this I imagine myself creating a family photo wall for her when she leaves for college, although I am definitely NOT wishing away all of the years I have before then!

Photo wall in Grayanna’s room Photo wall in my sons room

7.       Don’t have but one or maximum two photo walls in one home.

8.       Confine your hanging photos (unless it’s a portrait) to the photo wall.  I walk into numerous homes where there is a photo wall of family members and then more photos of the same children on walls throughout the home.  Invest in art instead and keep your special photos to a minimum.

9.       Leave room for the wall to grow.

Our monogrammed family wall

10.   Consider a non family photo wall but instead something that is meaningful and expresses family in a different way.  My initial is first, our G is middle and my husbands is the third.  This was once the centerpiece of my family photo wall, but I wanted to put it in a more visible spot and thought it was perfect over our dining room sideboard. 

As you can see, there are is a lot that goes into creating a family wall that not only preserves the legacy of your roots, but also looks amazing and is “Fabulously Southern.”  I would love to know if you have a family wall that you absolutely love in your home.  Leave a picture over on our Facebook page! Until then…

Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

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