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“Family Night” in my home is a Grigg Tradition. With all of us running in different directions all the time, getting together for some quality time is extremely important to me as a mom! We love to create fun themes around our dinners like Mexican Night or Italian Night, but there are two rules that everyone must follow.  #1 – All must participate!  Everyone has to lend a helping hand in making a dish or cleaning up. No excuses! #2 – Mom (me!) sets the table and the whole crew knows how much I love to set a beautiful table.

My kitchen table just about every day of the week.

Now, you may be thinking, “Interior designer “mom” setting the table is probably way over the top and more than I could ever do.”  Well, I am here to tell you one of my fabulous secrets of southern design… lean in close… closer… The easier I can make it, the better (shhh!!).  I have about enough time to run in the yard and grab a few branches as any working mom out there! But, I will say one thing – setting a beautiful table for my family is really important to me, so while the kids are fixing the taco bar, I get to create my tablescape.

So, I shared one secret already.  Sometimes I go into the yard and grab some branches, leaves, whatever is blooming, etc.  You would be surprised when you can create from  a couple of well placed twigs! And, if I have extra time, you can get amazing flowers right at your local grocery store!

Family Night! Roses from the grocery store cut short and put in small vases; simple white plates with decorative napkins and a runner. So easy!

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to pull my good china out for every family meal and my everyday whites won’t bring enough life to my table!.”  Well, I have another secret for you. I use paper plates! Yes! Paper plates. Again, you can find some really pretty paper plates right at the store – and they always have seasonal designs!

Can you believe it’s Dixie? Believe it!

If you have some extra time to spare and a few extra dollars, I found this beautiful website, Ferris Wheels and Carousels, with designer paper plates in the most gorgeous patterns. I am wondering if I can get fabric in some of these!  What a great idea to get all of your shopping done and once and stock up for family dinners, birthdays, tea parties with your girl friends and that bridal shower you agreed to host!

Are these peacock plates not absolutely fabulous? A gorgeous floral set for spring! Perfect for Mother’s Day!

On Sundays and especially on special occasions, I really enjoy setting my table with china.  One thing I never skimp on is cloth napkins. I insist. Nothing screams elegance like cloth napkins and they are so easy.

At my dinner table, only cloth napkins will do. My amazing Easter table! I so look forward to creating this each year!

Do you love “setting the table” and creating a beautiful dining experience for your friends and family as much as I do?  I would love to see your favorite table settings or hear your own secrets to how you save time and stay fabulous.

Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

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