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Another of the “signature” items that I love to design are bed canopies! They are typically custom-created for my clients based upon the “look” they are trying to achieve.

Bed canopies always add a touch of elegance to a room, but depending upon the fabric selection and configuration, they may also emphasize a feeling of romance, whimsy, or sophistication. I love the way in which they beautify a bed and make it a showcase element of a room. Bed canopies also unify a space and give continuity, especially when blending several fabrics in accent pillows and window treatments.

There are endless ways in which a bed canopy can originate, including covering a wood backboard with fabric and attaching it to the ceiling, or starting  with a “headpiece” from which fabric panels are attached. We do have several FABULOUS sources for these headpieces at Knotting Hill Interiors if you find yourself in the market for a bedroom re-design.

Here are a few examples of some bed canopies that I have adored designing….

I love the way that this bed canopy really ties in the artwork and coordinating fabrics on the bed!

One of my favorite ways to add interest to a bed canopy is by adding an additional fabric pattern to the "interior" of the design.

It is also fun to add an accessory under a bed canopy, such as the mirror in this photo.

This bed canopy uses a headpiece as its origin.

Bed canopies can also work in a nursery! This is a perfect example of the diverse "looks" they are able to achieve in a room.

This bed canopy has a totally different look from the others, but it is an amazing design element that "grounds" the rest of the various fabrics and patterns in the space.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” Day!

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