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You must always be ready to “find the fabulous” in my world.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, the fabulous could just be waiting right around the corner!

A few weeks ago my daughter and her friend wanted to go shopping at a local outdoor shopping complex, The Market Common.  I can’t say I was too disappointed as they do have some wonderful shops and restaurants there and it was not long before I found my way into Williams-Sonoma and just in time for a free cooking class they were giving!  Just my luck! They were featuring a product I had never in my life seen or heard of before – and you heard it here y’all, this product is absolutely fabulous!

Himalayan Salt Plate from Williams-Sonoma

You can purchase your own Salt Plate right on the Williams-Sonoma website!

This plate is sourced from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas. The salt actually adds complex flavor to all types of foods. Heat on the grill to sear seafood and meat, or chill for serving a selection of fruits, vegetables and cheeses with a hint of salt!  I was immediately enamored and stayed for the whole class, skewered some shrimp and veggies on it and of course, had to buy one for me and a few more for friends to take home! (Because the #1 rule of thumb when finding something fabulous is that you make sure you share!).

This salt plate would create a lively discussion around your dinner table – so perfect for entertaining!  Also, what a unique gift for someones wedding or for your girlfriend who has a passion for cooking!

Source – The Italian Dish

Doesn’t the image above simply look divine?  It is from a wonderful blog I recently discovered, The Italian Dish, and they had a great post about the salt plate, some tips for to-do’s and not to-do’s.  I think I would add a little tomato to the mozzarella and basil and call it one fabulous presented appetizer!

I initially thought about blogging the salt plate right when I bought it, and then it slipped my mind until I had a photo shoot at my house with my wonderful photographer, Carl Kerridge.  We were shooting images for my new book, Secrets of Southern Design coming out later this year and I pulled the Salt Plate out to be in one of the shots in my kitchen.  It looked perfect on my table so I snapped a few shots myself and viola! It was time to share my fabulous find with you!

I recently used my salt plate to cook up some grouper for my family with lemon pepper seasoning.  To. Die. For. Most definitely a fabulous product find!

So, to order your own Himalayan Salt Plate, visit the Williams-Sonoma website and please do let me know if you create any masterpiece meals with it!

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