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I recently wrote about my ultra soft and feminine side – and how that is reflected in my bedroom design.  Well, thank goodness I have chosen to rest my head on a palate of neutrals because I definitely live the rest of my life BOLD and IN COLOR.

I wake up early every morning to catch up on the news and read the latest posts from my favorite bloggers.  I have been following Paloma over at La Dolce Vita for eons (because she is fabulous!) and her recent color combo post reminded me that I have not posted about color in quite a while!

I really want to impress on you that integrating a seasonal color into your life does not mean a whole house renovation – or even a whole room (or a whole wardrobe for that matter!).  You can try a color out in your home by freshening up a space with flowers to see if it’s something you might want to revisit in the future, or try out a few new throw pillows or even some new dinner linens!  The first image on this post is exactly what I am talking about!  They have created a neutral base with their carpeting and furniture but the color brings the space to life.

It’s the same with fashion…

It really becomes all about how well you are organized, well at least that is the case (for the most part) for me.  Whether we are talking about throw pillows or a new purse – I sort of have a plan in mind when I make the purchase.  Some may call me crazy for “strategizing my wardrobe” but I approach my closet and each season the same way I do with my home.  In fact, some seasons all I have to do is do a little reorganizing in my wardrobe only to realize I have all I need right there in front of my to stay ahead of the trends.

Like any good designer though, I love to really dive into a color or color combination and immerse myself into its world.  You never know, those fresh flowers or throw pillows might inspire a bigger and bolder world of color in your own home!

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