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Hello Fabulous Readers!

As many of you know, I have been “vlogging” (video blogging) for the last week and a half, in lieu of my “normal” written blogs that I typically post. I have had so much positive feedback from my new “vlog” format! However, after careful evaluation from a few brilliant minds, I have have taken some recommendations to postpone my vlogging efforts… for the time-being. There are several reasons that I made the decision, one of the most important being the great need for upgraded equipment and training to improve the quality of my video output. So, having said that, I will return to my original written format for right now. Who knows when and how a video may “pop” into my blog one day…. you’ll just have to keep reading to see what happens!

Pilates core training

My Pilates trainer, Linda Mitchell, showing me how to strengthen my core.

So, to continue my series on “Designer Pilates”, today’s topic is “Getting the Core Right”. In Pilates, my instructor, Linda Mitchell (a.k.a Skinny Nazi B), has taught me that strengthening my core is what truly holds everything together. The same  principal is true with regard to interior design.

“Getting the core right” involves laying a strong foundation. Without the proper foundation, it is extremely difficult to adhere the rest of a design look together in a cohesive manner.

Two of these strong “core” elements include a livable floor plan and desirable furniture. These components are different for every home. Therefore, the critical question that must be determined before designing a room is, “How do you and your family members plan to use this space?”.  All families vary in size, interests, ages, and stages in life. Therefore, figuring out the “purpose” of your space – in advance – is of critical importance to be sure you end up with a functional area. For instance, I have a large family made up of six children and three dogs. Only half of our children are still living at home, but when they all happen to show up at one time, we obviously need a space with plenty of seating, in which we can all see and talk to one another. However, I still like the room to feel cozy and warm.

Living room

My formal living room is comprised of two sofas and several chairs to seat my whole family during the holidays.

One of the best ways I have found to lay out a room is to start with a piece of graph paper and sketch all of the pieces of furniture into a layout that you think may work. Draw them to scale, so you can realistically decide what your options may be. Sometimes, when you are looking at a menagerie of furniture, it can become overwhelming, when it is all sitting there staring back at you from the middle of the floor. By using graph paper as a preliminary step, additional options often become apparent without having to drag the furniture around ten extra times (not that I have actually ever done that… ahem!).

Basically, it will be much simpler to “strengthen the core” of your room design if you invest the time from the beginning… much the same as Pilates!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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