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Chalkboards were once reserved exclusively for classrooms, and the color options were limited to boring blacks, grays, and greens. However, with the introduction of chalkboard paints, it is now possible to incorporate fun and customized chalkboard surfaces into any space – on almost any surface! – in your home. Perhaps the most exciting part about chalkboard paint is its modern selection of  rainbow colors!  Hudson Paint is now offering THIRTY different shades from which to choose your favorite!

Take a look at some fresh twists on a classic idea….

How about this bright tangerine color for a chalkboard adjacent to a bulletin board?

This golden color works beautifully in this playroom!This lovely shade of blue really brightens up the style of this chalkboard paint!

Look at this cheerful shade of green that breathes new life into into this space, while also providing a practical “to do” list area.If you would like to try chalkboard paint, but in a more traditional color, there are still plenty of opportunities to insert your creativity by mixing up the location! Take a look at some of these inspirational ideas….

Photo from Style FilesPhotos from Pinterest.Photo from My Ideal HomePhoto from Little Lunalu

What are some other ways that you could use chalkboard paint to transform an area in your home? Who would use your chalkboard?

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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