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Earlier this week I wrote about creating a retreat in your bathroom and focused on two key areas that need to be considered when putting together the design for the room, flooring and walls.  Part II will focus on two additional key areas for designing your perfect bathroom – countertops and if you have a powder room attached.

I also want to remind you that with bathrooms, especially, the type of bathroom you are designing whether it is a guest bathroom, master bath or half bath, makes a huge difference in the types of decisions you will make.


Granite is still the rage for countertops for their ease of care.  Other popular   countertop choices  include marble and  soapstone.  Personally, I have been using a lot of “honed” material on granite and marble. Honing stops the polishing process just before the granite achieves a high gloss finish. The result is granite with a matte finish, giving the stone a softer appearance with little reflection.

There is much discussion as to whether or not marble can be used for countertops.  I think the answer is all in the user.  If the area is high performance, then granite, or soapstone might be more appropriate.   If you do use marble and it becomes damaged, you can occasionally sand and reseal the stone for a cleaner look.  If you can tolerate a little patina, then marble can be a lovely choice for a bathroom countertop.

Powder Room

Powder Rooms are the jewel box of the home.  This is a place where guests are invited and should say welcome in a subtle but explicit way.  Marble is very appropriate for both the floor and the countertop.  Interesting shimmering tiles are appropriate as well.  This is a room to add a little glam and a lot of luxury!  Beautiful wallpapers, faux finishes, subway tiles , are all possible choices for the walls.   Pieces of furniture can be easily converted to a cabinet.  Vessel sinks can be appropriate in a powder room.  This is an area of the home where you can let your imagination run wild.  Since the space is usually quite small, consider taking it all the way and lavish it with luxury items.  Scented candles, monogrammed hand towels, antique soap dishes, a beautiful original painting and even a chandelier are all small items that will make a big impact for this space.  *Callihan thrown chair;  this toilet was converted to a thrown by using a French chair that was faux finished and retrofitted to surround the existing toilet perfectly!  This is a small item that makes a big statement!

All designs by Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors.


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