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When designing a child’s room, I always advise that my South Carolina interior design clients spend the majority of their budget on items that can withstand the test of time. For instance, when choosing window treatment fabrics, make pattern selections that are not too juvenile. The goal is to be able to reuse the same window treatments when the child gets older and is ready to redecorate with a more mature theme.

Look at the attention to detail on the drawer pulls in the Jack-and-Jill bathroom (between the two bedrooms). They are actually custom-made from those cute little collectible shoes that are available in various styles and colors.

Paint color is another element that can be easily recycled if the color is chosen correctly the first time around. Paint the walls a neutral color, or at least a non-trendy color, to make it more likely that any future themes will not clash with the original paint color.

A piece of advice, with regard to designing a nursery, is to have Mom choose what she likes for the space, since she is typically the one who spends the majority of  time with the baby in there (Not to say that Dads don’t do it , as well, of course!). Rather than presuming to know what themes or design styles that the baby might like when he/she gets older, it is more reasonable for parents to make the design choices for them at this point. Then, if the “basic” items (window treatments, paint color, furniture, etc…) have all been chosen correctly, it should be a breeze to transition into the next decorating phase.

Included in this blog post are a few pictures from two bedrooms I designed for sisters. The first room is a nursery, and you will notice that the window treatments and wallpaper selections are classic and timeless. Once the infant outgrows her crib, redecorating her “big kid” room will be far less extensive, considering it won’t be necessary to replace some of the major components. The fairies on the ceiling can easily be covered with paint, when it is time for an “older” theme.

Artwork can quickly increase the cost of redecorating a room. Since I knew fairies would definitely be a fleeting theme, I decided that framing pictures from a fairy book would significantly cut costs. If you do not spend an unreasonable amount of your budget on themed items, then you will not feel guilty about switching them out later on.

All of the fabrics in the older sister’s bedroom (below) can be incorporated into almost any theme, considering the variety in colors and prints. Flexibility is a major goal when creating a space that you hope will grow and change with time. Cornering yourself with one color or pattern choice will make it difficult to take the decor in a new direction in the future. Instead, choose several colors and/or prints, so it will be possible to change out one or two of them to freshen the “look” without disturbing the foundation.

These two adorable accessory pieces are located in the shared bathroom between the two bedrooms. They are not only cute, but they also serve the practical purpose of holding all the girls' bows. They are not too juvenile to remain in the bathroom, long after the girls have stopped wearing ribbons in their hair.

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