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When designing a space for a child, it is so critical to consider their perspective and “likes”. However, this can often be quite a daunting task, considering that more often than not, the parents have a TOTALLY different idea in mind for their child’s room. (If I ever thought pleasing a husband and wife was challenging, I had NO IDEA how “interesting”  it would be to please a parent and child at the same time! HA). However, the challenge can be easily overcome if everyone is included in the decision-making process from the very beginning. Generally, I speak with the child first and conduct a short, fun “discovery interview” in which I learn about things they love or are interested in. At the end of the interview, I present the parents with a list of two or three themes that I know their child would enjoy, and from that point, the parents are given the opportunity to select which option is most desirable to them. The compromise for the child is that the “feel” of the room is a bit more geared toward an adult’s taste, rather than being completely juvenile. This method usually works like a charm, since I become the “mediator” who helps narrow the focus and drive us all toward one succinct goal. If you are not working with a professional on your child’s design project, you can still use this same method by asking a friend or family member to act as your “neutral” party!

Today, I have a FABULOUS child’s room to share with all of you that was designed for a very special little girl. Once she told me her favorite book was “Fancy Nancy”- and her Mommy agreed that she loved it, as well! – I knew immediately what the inspiration for her fairytale room would be! However, as we began making decisions about fabrics and accessories, we quickly realized that what would really suit them best is a room filled with a variety of the child’s favorite things. As you will see in the photos below, everywhere you look in this room is overflowing with FABULOUS, customized details. And just for the record, this real-life little “Fancy Nancy” is just as “girly” and precious as her adorable room!

A bedroom fit for a princess... or Fancy Nancy!

Another angle of this "Fancy Nancy" room!

Notice the hand-painted Fancy Nancy pillow in the chair!

See the hand-painted pillow on the bed and the custom monogram on the comforter?! So FABULOUS... And FANCY!

Close-up of window treatments hand-painted with all of this little girl's favorite things... notes from friends, books, gifts, etc. Also, remember my blog about all of the uses of mint julep cups? Can you find one in this photo?

This is a "recycled" piece of furniture that was customized by painting it pink to match this child's space.

Look at this absolutely precious bathroom that matches the bedroom in every detail! Isn't that pillow in the chair adorable?!

This is a photo of the playroom that coordinates with the bedroom. Notice that the stripes in the playroom are horizontal, whereas the stripes in the bedroom are vertical. BOTH are blue-and-white, which ties the two spaces together.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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