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This week I will be sharing pictures and descriptions of a few of the children’s rooms I have recently designed, along with helpful guidelines for creating your own youthful masterpieces.

When designing a child’s room, it is critically important to KNOW WHEN TO STOP. Most people tend to veer off track, when they go nuts focusing on one specific theme, thereby leaving the space looking like it is waayyyy “overdone”. As with any room, it is true that I always begin with some sort of  inspiration. However, just as I would not create an entire space anywhere else in a home that focuses solely on ONE element, I also think there are more aesthetically pleasing options for a kid’s room. An example of what I mean would be filling your son’s room to the brim with everything Winnie the Poo…. bears on the wallpaper, the bedding, the window treatments, the accessories, etc. Rather than taking this overly “matchy-matchy” approach, it is much more desirable to blend a specific theme with other varied and unexpected components. The result will be a more customized appearance with a far greater sense of complexity. In fact, when splashes of a theme are combined with other elements, the themed items are actually showcased much more effectively. They are no longer forced to compete with twenty other similar items, but rather, they become the “stars” of the show, as you intended them to be. In a nutshell, when designing a child’s room, knowing when to edit is completely paramount.

Pictured below is the bedroom of one of two brothers whose rooms I decorated at the same time. You will notice that this first bedroom has an understated “coastal” theme running through it. The cabana fabric used on the window treatments was the inspiration for the room, and you can see that the fabric was repeated on the pillow shams, as well. Although it is a subtle touch, it is easy to recognize that the central light fixture in the room is also a cabana top, which is actually the original light fixture reupholstered. The pictures behind the bed are of coral and sea life, which ties into the coastal theme, as well. The fabulous “cabana” bookshelves on the other side of the room were customized by adding peaks to the cabinets. They were further customized by hand-painting the child’s first initial on each of the flags. Although this room is fully themed, it does not overwhelm you with its themed elements. They are blended well with the rest of the components in the room, which ultimately creates a feeling of understated playfulness.

Boys cabana themed room

Cabana bookshelves

The second brother’s room (pictured below) was inspired by castles, soldiers, and medieval knights. You can see how the theme is repeated throughout the room… from the fabric on the shams, to the soldier artwork, to the rustic horse lamp and “shield” hanging over the dresser. The chandelier is a fabulous “royal” touch, as well. My favorite part of the room is the custom-made, hand-painted tapestry hanging over the bed, which is trimmed in the most handsome plaid fabric. Like his brother’s room, this child’s room has plenty of  theme and whimsy, yet it was designed in such a way that all of the elements complement one another, rather than competing against each other.

Boy’s castle and soldier themed room

Medieval details!


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