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Happy Valentines Day!  I chose to put a different spin on the typical posts about flowers, candy, love letters and date nights.  I had the opportunity recently to be interviewed for a national magazine and they asked a few provocative questions that really have me reflecting on how the design of your home can be… a romantic partner.  Wait! I’ll explain!

I posted earlier in the week and admitted to being a hopeless romantic and also that I take advantage of the design in my home to remind me of the things I truly love, like stacks of books or inspirations quotes and sayings.  When I was asked what my favorite room in my home was, my first thought was “all of them!” but I immediately knew which room I feel completely myself in.  My bedroom.

If you have seen other photos of my home, or have been a guest at one time, you know that for the most part, my house if full of bold, bright colors.  My bedroom is a sanctuary.  It is a peaceful space that nurtures me and in a very intimate way, gives back to me.  It reflects to me all the things I want to embody in my everyday life. Soft, feminine, open, full of light, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, breathtaking, warm and inviting.

Not to mention luxurious!  The secret to sleeping on a cloud? I splurged in my bedroom and chose very fine sheets and an amazing mattress.  I also triple sheet my bed.  I literally designed this space to function perfectly for me on all levels.

I have to laugh as I write this, but it is almost like you want to design your home like you have the perfect partner in mind, or in some cases (like my bedroom) your very best self.  If you do this honestly and authentically, the design of your home will never let you down.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone!  Big hugs from me!

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