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FAB loggia! Very nicely accessorized.... the rug is gorgeous!

This week, I have been blogging about the main components of fabulous outdoor living spaces. Today, we will wrap up this series with a final post on outdoor rugs and accessories. These two elements can truly separate a “nice” outdoor space from a “FABULOUS” one! Just as with interior rooms, rugs and accessories are the details that are capable of tying a room together and giving it a truly unique character. It may seem obvious that furniture would be the first component that would be selected when designing an exterior room. And in many cases, this may be true. However, if you happen to run across an outdoor rug or an inspiring accessory, by all means, it is also perfectly acceptable to tailor your furniture to those pieces, as well.

It’s true that not everyone chooses to use outdoor rugs. However, I find that exterior rooms without rugs often feel as if they are  not quite “complete”. Of the many clients I have spoken with about adding exterior rugs to their outdoor spaces, the overwhelming response is one of concern and caution with regard to maintenance and cleaning. However, if properly cared for, there is no reason that an outside rug should not be able to withstand “the wrath of nature” for at least several years. A rug exposed to direct sunlight and/or other natural elements will obviously wear out quicker than one that is placed under cover. There are actually some “outdoor” rugs whose manufacturers recommend dry-cleaning. As was the case with the more high maintenance exterior furniture, I would avoid products that fall into this category. Rugs that can easily handle a garden hose sprayer or a low-setting pressure washer would be the better choices. I generally just use a mild dishwashing  liquid and water to clean my rugs… And it is done in a jiffy!.  Another tip to remember is that you can significantly extend the life of your rug by rolling it up and storing it in a safe, dry place during the colder months when it is not being used.

One of the things that I love most about adding a rug to any living space is that it tends to “ground” the room and give it a sense of cohesiveness. Check out some examples in the following  photos.

This animal print rug is truly FABULOUS and gives the space a pop of pizazz! Photo from Laneventure.

This rug shows how well a space can be tied together by using proper placement and color scheme. Photo by Laneventure.

Not sure if the rug in this photo is all-weather, but it certainly adds a punch of color and sophistication to this loggia. Photo from Traditional Home Magazine.

Accessories are wonderful to experiment with in an outdoor space, since absolutely anything can become an item with which to decorate. Plants, old garden signs, vases of flowers, bowls of fruit, old hunting decoys, antique lanterns…. Or virtually anything that suits your fancy! The sky is the limit with regard to accessorizing your outdoor space.  Here are a few photos to get your creative juices flowing for “the season of entertaining”!

Even with all of the bright colors of this patio, the throw pillows really pull the look together! I also adore the beautiful turquoise rug! Photo from

A simple assortment of beautiful accessories include some light blue throw pillows, a vase of flowers, two plants, and a colorful tray. Photo from Sunbrella.

Simple, yet vibrant accent items really make this white furniture arrangement interesting. The bowl of veggies is so colorful and inviting.Photo from Sunbrella.

This collection of accessories makes me want to curl up in this picture! What a cozy ensemble! Photo by Laneventure.

This space is so well accessorized that it could actually fit perfectly into an interior room, as well. It has all the components of a FABULOUS outside space! Photo from Laneventure.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” WEEKEND!

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