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Lee Industries Outdoor Furniture

As I mentioned in the first part of this blog series, there are several components of an outdoor room that make it a “finished product”. One of the most important elements included in this list is FURNITURE!

My design clients frequently ask me what the best brands of outdoor furniture are and how to clean and care for them. One of my favorite lines of furniture, which we proudly sell at Knotting Hill Interiors, is manufactured by a company called Lee Industries. Pictured to the left is an arrangement of Lee Industries furniture… Isn’t that canopy FABULOUS!? In addition, this company makes an array of dreamy fabrics that I completely LOVE! Pictured below are two of them that are particularly nice.

Meridian Mango

Julia Green

Lee Industries - Mimosa Outdoor Chairs

Living in the humid southern climate of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, mildew is an ongoing challenge with regard to the upkeep of outdoor furniture and upholstery. Another issue that many of us  deal with is falling tree sap. I have  a huge oak in my back yard that constantly sheds, completely soiling my cushions. However, each year, I pressure wash them with a little Clorox, and they come back good as new! So, although upkeep concerns are certainly valid, these obstacles can be overcome with much less effort and trouble than many people may assume. In fact, with a relatively small amount of inconvenience,  exterior cushions can be maintained and looking gorgeous for many years with no need to replace any of the upholstery. As a rule, I only replace mine every five years. Nonetheless, prior to purchasing any outdoor furniture, it is important to check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you are choosing an easy-care product. Some slipcovers for outdoor furniture can even be thrown into the washing machine and dryer, whereas other more high maintenance products may actually recommend dry-cleaning! For obvious reasons, I would avoid purchasing those types of fabrics and stick with more durable upholsteries.

It is also important to choose furniture frames that are constructed from materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. Another line of furniture that we carry at the shop (that I LOVE!!!)  is called Laneventure. Their furniture pieces are constructed from either aluminum or synthetic wicker – both of which are highly durable! – and equally as GORGEOUS! Check out all of these FABULOUS photos of outdoor rooms designed using their pieces…

Looks like an indoor room, doesn't it?

Love the mix of fabrics!

Love the mix of fabrics!

I want to dine here at every meal!

Dreamy! Can't you just picture yourself curled up on this comfy furniture by that fireplace?!

Isn't this a fresh mix of synthetic wicker colors?

Great construction and visually fabulous!

This piece is just downright divine!

GORGEOUS in every way!


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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