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One of the questions I get asked a lot as a designer, is “how should I style my coffee table”? It seems like such a small and relatively unimportant process but it can actually make a huge impact on your room. There are so many options when styling but I prefer to use some of the following steps below for a ‘no-fail’ coffee table! This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it’s a good place to start!

Trays are a great way to get organized and keep your coffee table decor neat. You could use a number of great styles… mirrored, wooden, painted, acrylic, or glass, whatever fits your personal style.

Beautiful ‘coffee table’ books are the perfect addition to any room. They can be subtle and neutral in color or they can be bold and graphic to stand out. Either way, books are always a must for your coffee table. Not only do they look beautiful but your guests can curl up with one if they’re easily accessible.

Now it’s time to add in a little touch of decor! Decorative items can be a great conversation starter with your guests. These items let others know a bit more about your interests and passions. Try infusing a few unique items to add your own personal flair to your tabletop!

For example, how cool is this collection of matchboxes inside a small vase. What a great way to express such a fun collection!

And perhaps the love of the beach inspired this bowl full of sea urchins and shells.

This collection of antlers and horns really bring out the earth tones of this space.

Be inspired to use your unique items to really bring some character onto your coffee table. Your guests will certainly enjoy the personal touches!

I understand not everyone has the time for fresh flower arrangements every week, but they sure do look pretty! Try out your favorite flowers and greenery in order to make your room pop!

I love the sprawling greenery on this rustic, earthy table!

And how about these hydrangeas?!

A simple orchid is always in style. So classic and chic!

A crisp bundle of tulips are a great statement.

I adore candles aesthetically and of course functionally as well! They both look and smell great for your guests. It also gives your room a bit of ambient lighting to add visual interest to your space.

I love this grouping of mercury glass candles.

Varying heights and sizes will always add more visual interest than uniform candles, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

I would love to hear your opinions on coffee table styling! The options really are endless! For more decorating tips, grab a copy of my book, Secrets of Southern Design or stop by my store, Knotting Hill Interiors for a consultation.

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