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Hi friends! I absolutely cannot believe that Christmas is next week! How did that happen??

With that being said… I would LOVE to hear about everyone’s Christmas decor and share a bit of my own!!

Let’s start with the exterior…!

I love my oversized gift boxes, trees and toy soldier! They really make a grand statement!

I adore my whimsical ornaments that are around my front door… so much fun each year!

Below is a close up of my ‘other’ favorite guy!… My toy solider!

Next, how will you introduce holiday spirit into your interiors?

How about with greenery and color, everywhere!! On light fixtures, mirrors, doorways and anywhere else you can fit it!

Here’s a close up of one of my fixtures ‘decked’ out! If only I could leave it like this year round with no judgement 🙂

How about a little glitz and glam mixed with magnolia leaves?!

Mantles are such a beautiful place to display greenery.

Don’t forget to add your personal touches like your favorite angels, ornaments, tassels etc!

Lastly, we can’t forget the Christmas trees!

Here is a small ornament tree to give you a sneak peek of the main tree…

And now for the grand finale…my Christmas tree! (obviously with hints of blue & white)

I’m off to do some last minute Christmas shopping! Hopefully you are a bit more prepared than I!

Please comment below with your own Christmas decor and traditions… we may even feature your ideas here on the blog 🙂

Happy shopping, dear readers!

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