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Yesterday, I blogged about FLOR carpet squares… They are certainly a fabulous and versatile option that will fit virtually any space and style! However, with regard to “traditional” carpeting, I must admit that I do have another favorite brand, which is actually installed in my own home. For my South Carolina interior design clients who prefer carpeting over other flooring options, I almost always recommend Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting as a first choice. In my opinion, this brand is heads and shoulders above its competition for several reasons.


1. IT’S EXTREMELY EARTH-FRIENDLY! Mohawk SmartStrand is a product that I sell at Knotting Hill Interiors, and I never cease to feel proud when presenting it to my design clients. This carpeting option is “green”  from creation to installation. Made from corn sugar, SmartStrand utilizes a renewable resource, which equates to saving about one gallon of gasoline per every seven yards produced. Overall, this eco-friendly production system eliminates the company’s consumption of about 10 million gallons of gasoline per year! And as an added bonus…. the corn used to make SmartStrand carpeting is grown right here in our very own United States of America! In addition, the Mohawk website touts that, “Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of [raw materials in this carpeting] are 63 percent lower than nylon manufacturing”. WOW! Definitely FABULOUS!

2. IT’S NATURALLY STAIN-RESISTANT! The physical composition of Mohawk SmartStrand carpeting is completely different from that of traditional nylon carpeting. One of the many benefits of its remarkable composition is that it is naturally stain resistant, all the way through the carpet strands. Nylon carpeting is topically-treated to resist stains, but once that coating wears off (via cleanings and general wear-and-tear), the carpeting once again becomes vulnerable to discoloration. However, due to its natural properties, SmartStrand stands up to stains throughout its lifetime with no need for retreating. Water and mild detergent are all that is required to clean this fabulously low-maintenance flooring option!

3. IT’S DURABLE! My own first-hand experience, combined with the extensive testing performed by Mohawk, lead me to award SmartStrand carpeting a “TWO THUMBS UP” rating in durability! So, although this flooring option is both earth-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing, it certainly has not prevented it from also becoming a leader in the longevity department, as well!

4. IT’S SO SOFT! Another benefit of SmartStrand’s naturally stain-resistant molecular structure is that there is no need for harsh chemical treatments that typically cause nylon carpets to lose their lushness. Whereas SmartStrand maintains its plush texture, traditional nylon carpets tend to relinquish a great deal of their softness during stain-resistance coating.

5. IT’S GORGEOUS! Although pictures truly cannot do it justice, I will let these photos “speak a thousand words” on my behalf with regard to SmartStrand’s beauty and texture…

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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