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A couple of weeks ago, I touted FLOR Carpet Squares as my Fab Friday Design Find of the week. As promised, I am following up with more details about this FABULOUS product!


1. FLOR carpet squares are modular! These individual 19.7 inch squares actually fit together like puzzle pieces to form a rug, runner, or wall-to-wall carpeting.

FLOR striped carpet tiles in "A La Mode"

2. They are held in place by “FLOR dots” that actually adhere the carpet squares to one another. This revolutionary concept eliminates the need for the padding, glue, and nails of traditional carpeting!

3. They are extremely easy to clean! Because they are not actually glued or nailed to the ground, cleaning an individual carpet tile is a snap!  If your child spills a glass of red Kool-Aid, or if your pet has an “accident” on your carpet squares, simply pull up the soiled squares and rinse them out in the sink. Once they air-dry, fit the squares back into their locations, and you are all done. There is no need to clean the entire rug or carpeting for one isolated area. What I love about being able to remove the squares from the configuration is that  they can be cleaned thoroughly on both sides, as opposed to only being able to clean them from the top of the carpet. In addition, the foundation underneath the carpet squares can also be cleaned.

4. FLOR carpet squares are earth-friendly! They are made from recycled and renewable materials, and they are actually created to be recycled into new products once they are ready to be disposed of.

5. There are so many available options for this versatile product! I have included several pictures below of just a few of the OODLES of mix ‘n’ match opportunities available to customize your FLOR carpeting or rugs!

FLOR carpet tiles in "Botanicals"

FLOR carpet tiles in "You Only Live Twice"

FLOR "Flora" Rug Kit

FLOR "Be My Neighbor" Rug Kit

FLOR "Fuzzy Button" Rug Kit in Rollover Raspberry

FLOR "Leaf and Line" Rug Kit

FLOR "Lattice" from Martha Stewart collection

FLOR "Faux Bois" from Martha Stewart collection

FLOR "Shaggy Sheep" in Gotland Grey

FLOR "Princess Cinderella" Carpet Tile

FLOR "Toy Poodle" Rug Kit

I would LOVE to hear your insights and/or see photos of your FLOR carpeting (or rug), so please feel free to drop me an email or post a comment!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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