Dear Fabulous Customer,

I am writing to you today to share a big announcement and to reveal our exciting plans for Knotting Hill Interiors. We started this journey with humble beginnings in a small little location on 38th avenue, many, many years ago.  Next, we expanded and changed our location to the old Blockbuster building directly on Kings Hwy and our business grew tremendously.  Then, needing more retail space, we moved to our fabulous, large and current location right beside Fresh Market.

And now, we are growing again!!! This time in a different way, but in a way that we are very much excited about! While it is always very tempting to stay exactly as you are when you have been met with great success, but I believe, as the leader of this company, in moving us forward and being the best that we possibly can. So, we are continuing our journey, and this time in a way that we can focus more on the core of our business which is FOCUSING ON YOU, our clients, and making your home the most beautiful it can be!

I believe that everyone can live beautifully and can live in spaces that function well for them no matter what their station in life.  Whether you are wealthy or not or whether you live in a 10,000 square foot estate or a mobile mansion, I believe you deserve and should be surrounded by beauty.  This is my life’s purpose!  I LOVE creating homes that “Function First” and are also perfectly beautiful and suitable for the individual homeowner. I have never been noted for one style in particular but designing spaces that suit the individuals who live in these spaces.  This is my passion and doing more of it makes me so happy.  

My team and I have determined that Interior design is the secret sauce of Knotting Hill Interiors.  This is the aspect of this business that we feel we are best at and the part of the business that we want to focus our attention on.  It’s our happy place!  We want to be the best we can possibly be at creating the most unique and fabulous spaces possible.  All at a great value to you.

In order to accomplish this, we will be reducing our existing inventory completely and in order to do this, we will be slashing prices and significantly.  We will be selling ALL of our current inventory in order to rebrand ourselves for the next decade of who we are as the NEW Knotting Hill Interiors.  Beginning on PINK FRIDAY you can enjoy our entire inventory at 30% off.

This 30% off sale is storewide and will continue until all current inventory is sold!  If you have been thinking about updating your home, or if you simply want to take advantage of the pricing and selections, then 30% off is a wonderful opportunity.

Just a few of the changes that you will be seeing and experiencing:

  1. More focus and emphasis on interior design
  2. New and exciting pricing (NOT KIDDING!)
  3. Smaller, more focused showroom
  4. New programs for those who choose to work with a designer and those who want to go it alone but need support
  5. An entire suite of online interior design and lifestyle courses and classes
  6. Girlfriend and friend retreats and events focused on learning about color, home, interior design, fabrics, shopping and lifestyle.

I also want to express a HUGE amount of gratitude to you our wonderful customers who have supported each of our changes and who have been loyal and faithful.  You have made us successful and I am eternally grateful. I am also extremely grateful and appreciative of the amazing and fabulous employees of Knotting Hill.  Without them, there would certainly not have been success and without them, going forward, we would not be able to march forward as the new and improved Knotting Hill that we will be bringing you.

I am soooo excited and can’t wait to blast off!  You are going to LOVE the new face of Knotting Hill Interiors!  Stay tuned as we roll out these exciting new programs. Designer, Diane Morgan and I are available to help you design or rethink your existing spaces and we can help you determine how to best take advantage of these amazing savings as part of a beautiful décor that suits your needs.  We want you to stay abreast of updates and to “hear it first”, so take these steps.

  1. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page, don’t just visit, LIKE it so that we drop into your feed.  We post daily.
  2. Follow us on Instagram
  3. Join our email list, there will be special offers here.
  4. Check out our brand new fabulous WEBSITE and take advantage of the “freebies” offered here.
  5. Live inspired and make your world Beautiful!

Again, I appreciate YOU my fabulous customers.  This Thanksgiving, more than ever, my heart is full of love and gratitude for each of you.  You truly are the best.

XOXO! It’s time to design,Kimberly Grigg

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