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Ever wonder how to start your own collection of tabletop books? My approach is simple: collect what you love! What interests you? Interior design, flowers, cooking, fashion, history, biographies, politics? For me, design books have always been my “go-to”. Whether you are looking for design inspiration or simply trying to accessorize your home with beautiful books, updating your collection is important!

Here are a few beautiful tabletop books that I love… I hope this inspires you to start or update your own collection!

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of some of my favorite tabletop books but I just wanted to show a few to inspire you. Please feel free to comment with your favorite tabletop books! I would love to hear from you.

And don’t forget my book “Secrets of Southern Design” available via Knotting Hill Interiors! You can contact Barbara at to purchase my book as well as any of the books I have listed above! You can also purchase my book HERE on Amazon!

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