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For me, family gatherings are a “big deal”.  As a  Mother, I feel the need to sit down at the table together- as a family! – as often as possible.  Since some of my children have “flown the coup” and are out on their own, I host a weekly (almost mandatory!) gathering called FAMILY NIGHT.

As an ex-event decorator, hosting fancy smancy parties is a thing that I just love! However, as a working Mom, I simply don’t have the time or energy to pull off one of those exceptional occasions on a weekly basis. Instead, I turn to my friends… paper plates!  Yes, even we interior designers need to get off the clock from time to time. I would rather not be stressed out and exhausted so that I can really enjoy my family to the fullest. Therefore, I give us all a break (….cause when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!) by opting for paper plates!  Now, I absolutely did NOT say I bring out your basic white Chinette…. no, no, no!  Instead, I shop for colorful and exciting paper products that will add life to my table.  For cents more I can host a color-coordinated family gathering that is elegant, fun, and easy on the labor!

If you are not able to find what you are looking for at your local party store, the internet is littered with websites providing a grand selection of interesting paper plate designs to fit your style. Take a look at a few examples of table settings that give new meaning to the concept of paper plate dining….

Photo from Woman's Day

Photo from Woman's Day

Photo from Social Couture

Photo from Entertain Exchange

Photo from Country Living

Do you have ideas about your own family dinners?  If so, please share…I love to know how others live beautifully with their own families!

Now, go have an “It’s so Fabulous!” Paper Plate Soiree!


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