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I cannot begin to count the number of homes have I have visited in which the guest room has ended up being the “catch all” room… Mama’s off season clothes jammed into the closet, the leftover furniture from their first apartments, mismatched styles and accessories, etc.  Instead, why not make your guest room a special space in your home?  Think back to a time and place where you have been a guest and have been spoiled by the luxury of good quality linens, a peaceful background, and the little niceties that made your presence feel valued.  Perhaps, it was a luxury hotel, a bed-and-breakfast, or the home of someone who simply enjoyed providing their guests with a memorable experience away from home.

Gorgeous guest room of one of my Myrtle Beach interior design clients. Look at all of the lovely detail that was given to a room that would house their guests.

Another one of my client's guest bedrooms designed with the utmost of care for potential visitors.

One of my client's casual, yet extremely inviting, guest bedrooms. This room would certainly welcome any visitors that might come its way.

Okay, so now that you have seen a few examples of what I consider to be fabulous guest rooms, what are some ideas that you can implement to warm up your own guest room?

Let’s start with luxury sheets.  Buy the best linens you can afford… and I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THREAD COUNT.  While thread count is important, it is not what makes the sheet soft and supple. There is actually so much to share with regard to choosing a sheet, that I have decided to write an entirely separate blog post on it this week. More to come…

One other thing I have very much enjoyed is hanging photographs of my visitors on my “guest hall of fame”.  This is especially endearing for repeat guests.  I also suggest collections of postcards and/or maps of places you have visited, or places you would like to visit, as artwork.

Image from Veranda Magazine

Of course, a small vase of fresh flowers is a always a nice touch, and a water carafe is also thoughtful.

Some guest bedrooms are even complete with a nice sherry or brandy to sip and enjoy right before bed.

Providing appropriate toiletries – in case your visitors  left something behind – is always a smart choice for completing your guest bathroom. A good mirror is also an essential that is often overlooked.

Make sure you supply your guests with supple,  wonderful towels (I prefer white) and that the towels are left in a location that can be easily spotted. I also like to include a luxurious robe for them to enjoy during their stay.

Another idea is to make a make a pretty basket filled with snacks for your guests to munch on while they are unpacking or getting ready in the mornings.

And finally, to correspond with their loved ones at home, elegant stationary and a few matching pens are always a nice convenience.

By implementing some or all of these suggestions, you will surely make your next guests feel welcomed and treasured in your home. Can you think of any other ideas for sprucing up a guest bedroom? Please feel free to share them with me – and your fellow readers – by posting a comment. We would love to hear from you!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” WEEK-END!

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