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If you read last Friday’s Fab Finds, you know that some of my staff and I took a FABULOUS trip to the Atlanta Decorators’ Show House and had an amazing time! Although patrons are not permitted to photograph the interior of the home, they did permit us to take pictures of the outside of the property, along with the gardens. As it turns out, one of my favorite spaces was actually located “outside”. Unlike a traditional greenhouse, this space was as beautiful and well-appointed as any interior room.  It was set amongst lush greenery, inside and outside, and it appeared as if it had been “grown” there every bit as much as the surrounding gardens.

The union of nature and interior design in this exterior space was so perfectly blended that the contrast between the two components was highlighted at the same time that each element was beautifully showcased individually.  The “colors of the day” were purple and green with a splash of animal print. A single color accented with animal print often works beautifully in the interior design world. Although there were actually two primary colors being utilized in this space, the use of green so mimicked the natural setting of the greenhouse, that the color acted as a neutral.

I am so thrilled to share a few of the pictures my staff and I captured of this unique space. I hope that they will inspire you as much as they have all of us!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” Day!

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