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I had a great comment on a my recent Kitchen Series about my opinion on using blackboard or chalkboard paint on the walls of your kitchen and leave your family and guests to doodle and add atmosphere.  Great question and I say take the chalkboard out of the classroom and bring it into your home! AND, the kitchen is not the only place to utilize this amazing, creative design.  A chalkboard wall could be incorporated into pretty much any area of the home – but what comes to my mind first and foremost is a child’s playroom or bedroom.  What a way to really get their imaginations going right from the start – and maybe (just maybe) they will keep the crayons and paints off the other walls of your home – but don’t quote me on that!

Now this playroom is just pretty cool!  How about a chalkboard wall surprise as a Christmas gift! What a creative way to wake up on Christmas morning!

This is what I need in my office! A chalkboard calendar!  I would definitely need a little more color for my taste… perhaps some radiant orchid?

I just love this! I have posted before about my passion for photo walls (and doing them correctly!) and also how important they are to telling your story (which is what Southern Design is all about!).  I love how each member of the family has their own frame and can add their own unique touch to the “chalkboard” photo wall!  Fabulous!

 Remove the small pink table and add a few oversized comfy bean bag chairs and I think my teenage daughter would love a room  like this for her and her friends to lounge, draw and dream…

Man cave chalkboard wall!

A little girl’s fairy land!

You can also use chalkboard paint on things you put “on” a wall!

This is fantastic for an exposed pantry wall in a small apartment.

As far as kitchens go, I am in love with this choice in design.  Putting the chalkboard paint on the fridge is the best of both worlds!  Little ones can doodle and draw on the bottom while Mommy can keep lists and stay organized on top!

I hope this gives you several different ways you can incorporate chalkboard paint into your home!  Please keep the questions and comments coming!  You might just see an answer in a blog!

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