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 I recently had a client who said, “Kimberly, I have always done my own design work and my homes have been great.  I am just overwhelmed with this one until I found you”. She went on to share that she really loves working on her homes and it fuels the creative spirit inside of her.  She was worried that going to an interior designer for help meant that she was not creative or artistic anymore.  Had she lost her “design mojo?”


 In my best Austin Powers accent, I replied, “Don’t think of working with a designer as a sign of weakness…it’s a sign of intelligence (yeah, baby!)”.  Ok, I did not use an Austin Powers accent, nor did I say, Yeah, Baby!  But you gotta know – I believe in your mojo! I am here to help YOU take your idea, your vision, and turn it into a reality (with some extra fabulous on top, of course!) Sometimes the details are just too complicated and the tasks too great.  Working with a designer who deals with products and services on a daily basis will save you time, money and get you just the look that you wanted.  It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.  A good designer will help you get where you are going and will  know when to assign you, the client, homework, and when to take the reins and make some decisions. It makes the process more enjoyable and the end result better, even if you, the client, have a great eye and a lot of inherent talent.  In this case, your designer can become your sounding board with a few other built in perks.  Think of it as money well invested since a good designer will caution you when you are getting near a mistake!

Some of my most favorite designs are when I am working with an amazingly creative client – who also loves to collaborate!  You definitely have the best of both worlds in this situation.  Here are a few photos of fabulous results when I truly came on board to support my clients ultra creative vision.

For this bathroom, my client had the wallpaper all picked out.  That is the center piece of this room – I mean, look how absolutely glamorous it is!  She was having trouble pulling the rest of the look together. That is where I came in!  Sometimes it takes the support of a designer to just say – “That will absolutely work!” Like, when we decided on the leopard runner.   I would also like to point out one more thing about this room – the photo focuses on the bathroom, but also looks into the bedroom as well.  Working with a designer can really support you with having your look and feel move from room to room effortlessly.

Sitting rooms can drive a homeowner crazy!  To capture that timeless look and feel (if that is what you are going for) may require some real hunting for the pieces that will be perfect for your space.  A good designer is tapped into the antique furniture community and should be able to easily make a few phone calls for you – especially if you have a vision for what will create the room of your dreams.

When we are doing a makeover on a space, many of my clients will want to highlight the beautiful features of their home that are fixed – like these amazing stairs and the natural light that comes in from the landing.  Or, on the flip side, they have a hard time seeing how they will be able to create the “new” look they want, with the stairs and the window (especially if you have fixed elements in your home you are not crazy about). Sometimes the sheer time I have spent in homes just gives me a vast idea pool to pull from in my head – and will give us more options to choose from when we start creating the home of your dreams.

So – remember, two “mojo’s” are better than one!

 Go and have an It’s So Fabulous Day!

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