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My children once spent an entire day creating a “skatepark” on my front steps.   I was mortified.  We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies from the road and, of course, we had dinner guests in just a few short hours!  It’s times like these that you have to dig deep and  find your sense of humor.  My dinner guests were told that it was built especially to impress them and before the night was over, we all tried our turn at skating the park!  In the end, it’s a cherished memory and one that lives on that says homes don’t have to be perfect to be good.

While this is not an image of my front steps, you get the picture, right? Imagine coming home to seeing this in your driveway!

Homes can become obsessions.  Decorating them can become an even greater one!   While it is ultra important to create a space that welcomes and embraces you, it is also important to keep in mind that you must keep it all in perspective.  Having a sense of humor about it all somehow keeps it balanced.

Homes are kind of like Moms, they are the one place you should be able to count on for the ultimate in nurturing! 

“I would venture to say that most people would be better at almost anything they attempt if they would first do something bigger than themselves. This “bigger than myself” for me has been raising my six children.  From skate parks to adoption, my home has certainly reflected the choices I have made for my family over the years.”

When I adopted my eight year old special needs daughter, I knew nothing about having a child (remember Prissy in Gone With the Wind, when she said, “I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies”, well, I can relate!), let alone the complexities in maneuvering a state process and system.

I, however, went for it.  My heart grew bigger, my nerves more accepting.  Even though I knew this one was a project that I would probably never master (hence coming home to a skate park years later!).  Ironically, my little house at the time, pre-children, was my passion.  In fact, you could say an obsession.  I searched the world over for all the right pieces and I had been “laboring” over the perfect fabrics done up just right for a perfect Barbie Doll dream house!

As you can imagine, with child now in tow, my house changed.  In fact, you could say it morphed.  Suddenly, it was filled with meaning.   Accessories included pieces of sculpture carefully crafted at school projects.  Art was replaced with drawings and “portraits from coloring books”.   Treasures included photographs of the two of us together.  For the first time, my house became a home and it sang an entirely new song.  It’s the best that house ever looked! Except for maybe the skatepark on my front steps, but even that has now become a treasured  and immensely funny memory.

My point is, you don’t necessarily have to go out and adopt a child (although it was one of the best experiences of my ife!), but  if you remove your focus from passionately decorating a home and place it on something bigger than yourself, your decorating experience will grow greatly as a result.

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