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“Raising kids doesn’t pay, but it sure is worth it.” – Anonymous

I must be feeling sentimental lately, as I recently posted about the story behind the cotton on my mantle piece and how my youngest son, Holden has turned it into a family memory we will never forget.  But, this is what we are all about in the south. Memories, stories and lots of laughter (and tears!).

Raising six children under my roof has made for some “writing on the wall” types of memories. Literally.  Some were warmly welcomed and some, let’s just say we don’t have photos of those.   This is the inside door to the pantry in my kitchen.  On most days, just opening the door to get out a box of pasta for dinner will cause me to tear up as I look at the last 25 years of my life spelled out in centimeters and inches.  Even on my toughest days, when I am overloaded at work and the kids need to be dropped off, picked up and hosed down – this one image can brighten my most stressful moments.

It is so wonderful to create spaces like this in your home.  Especially in places where you will be.. a lot.  Like, the kitchen. 🙂

A closer look reveals that this “height chart” was not only a measure of where my children stood, but also their friends.  With my oldest children, their childhood friends now full grown men women; when they do stop by on occasion, this is one of the first places they want to look. It is as if this door is an affirmation and reminder of their carefree days of playing with dolls and bike riding which have now been replaced by careers and changing diapers (for real).

Do you have a special place in your home that tells your families story?  I would love to know! Please leave a comment below and share it with us!

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