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I have started including a morning meditation into my daily routine and this morning I was pondering “flow”.  According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his book “Flow”, he describes the principle of flow as an investment in ourselves to reach our limits, in which we experience complete joy in our working present moments.

For me, everything works perfectly in life when I am inspired.  Flow is that kind of an inspiration.  One so powerful that obstacles disappear and we are so in love with what we are doing so much that it just seems to flow without any effort from us at all.  I think flow can be experienced in anything as long as you stay “present” or in the “now” to experience it.

I experience this effortless perfection often.  It occurs for me when I am involved in a design project,  when I am painting, when I am doing something fun with my children, when I am working on a writing project, when I am preparing for a speaking engagement, and when I am practicing yoga.  I am most often in this state when I am “all in”.

Inspired by Wayne Dyer in his book “Real Magic”, here is a synopsis of his five ways to get you into the state of flow:

  1. Have an overriding spiritual focus that gives meaning to your work. In other words, how can you serve others through your work?

  2. Close your mind to all distractions.  FOCUS!  Be “All In”.

  3. Surrender to the process.  Avoid striving for what you want.  Instead, forget the result and focus on the process (this is really hard for me since I am so goal oriented, but I work hard to keep this one in check!)

  4. Experience the joy and the bliss.  Celebrate the flow in your life!

  5. Ride the bliss.  When you feel the inner bliss, you simply want and need more of it.  This creates its own state of productivity.
Tune in tomorrow where I share more about how I follow my bliss in my daily life and some of the amazing tools I have and am cultivating to “live inspired” everyday!  Until then, I would love to know how you stay connected to your bliss, steer clear of distractions and go “all in” in your own life!

Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

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