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Often as I tour around speaking on  my book, “The Secrets of Southern Design”, I am asked what my “trend forecasts” actually are.  Well I have a big one.  It is my forecast that you are going to be seeing a lot of a color called amaryllis!  It’s a pinky orange and is fairly reminiscent of the color of the year from 3 years ago, “Hibiscus”.

Sherwin Williams SW 6591

I have noticed that it takes about 3 years for the trending color of the year to take hold.  Subliminally, the magazines and photography that you are exposed to begins to take hold and eventually, the color does, in fact, become prominent.

I have been working with the color quite a bit and it was all over market.  It is easily paired with spring greens, aqua and turquoise and is amazing with crisp white.

In addition, it is easy to incorporate this color into an existing décor scheme.  A dose of this color will add impact and drama especially in accessories and pillows.

Could you see this color in your future?  The dress I was wearing for the cover of my new book, Secrets of Southern Design, was very close to this color!  So, you can imagine my approval in seeing it all over market where these pics were taken!

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