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Luxury home office “nook” design by Knotting Hill Interiors

My motto has always been to “create rooms you can live in” and that definitely includes “rooms you can work in” as well! Most of us, if you are anything like me, spend a great deal of time in an office or behind a desk.  Thankfully, my job does have me out doing installations or shopping for and meeting with clients, but there there are days where hours go by and I have not left my office chair.  If I did not have a fabulous yet practical design in my office space, I think I would go completely nuts!  Whether you are creating a home office space (which gives you a lot more freedom to be creative) or looking to to bring some more feng shui flow to your work environment, I have a few tips for each that will have you designing your “new office” Pinterest Board in no time!  Check out mine!

1. Get (some) green on..

A single potted orchid can bring life to your workspace. Check out my video blog about potted orchids!

I am not really a plant girl…  So, don’t go overboard, but if you are working in a small space (in your place of work) a lovely succulent or two, or a single orchid in a beautiful pot can really brighten the room.  For bigger spaces, especially those with lots of light, a single large potted plant on the floor is just so inviting!

2. Stay Organized!

Love the wallpaper! Built in desks and a cool cabinet with chalkboard paint!

What kind of work do you do?  Are you a project manager?  An event planner? Do you need to keep lots of client files? Determining what kind of furniture or even special construction, like cabinets or shelves in the walls, will support the work you are doing, more than you know!  I have two spaces I work in at Knotting Hill Interiors.  One is my personal office, where I meet with clients, write and do more of the administrative things that an owner of a company needs to handle day to day.  My other space is in the design room with my team.  We have large tables where we can lay out  different fabrics and plans for home remodels.  Both spaces are really needed to support the different hats I wear at KHI.

3.  Just because it is your office, doesn’t mean it cannot have some style!

Very elegant and chic home office. Fabulous fabric on the chairs in the sitting area.

This may be the most important space to put a little bit a fabulous in! The day to day grind can get us down sometimes, right? So, creating an amazing corner in your office where you put a sitting table and a couple of chairs to take a break for a cup of tea.  Get wild with a leopard print chair or zebra throw run under your desk.  Your office is sort of all about you, and you is usually what gets put last.  So, I am here to remind you to treat your office space as you would your dining room.  There is nothing better than feeling welcome in every room of your home, or when you show up to work each day! It is so worth it!

4. Get a COMFORTABLE Chair!

You can never go wrong with a Wingback! Just blogged all about Wingback Chairs here.

You might be spending as much time at your desk as you do in your bed so make sure you are comfortable!  Personally, I have a (?????) chair at my desk and could not live without it!

5. Lighting

I love the two lamps behind the desk and you can get a glimpse of the fabulous chandelier in the reflection in the mirror.

There is nothing worse then harsh florescent lighting – and sometimes that is what you are stuck with in an office envoirnment.  If you have the luxury of creating a home office space, a few lovely lamps – creating some floor lighting and one on your desk can create a soft mood and one that is much more inviting to work in! A traditional “desk lamp” with more focused lighting is also great to  have handy when you need to shine some light on say.. your taxes! I wrote a great blog a while back that talks about the different kinds of lighting for a room. Read it here.

6. Personalize the space – (pencil holder, special file folders, special pens, etc)

A complete makeover I did for my husbands “man cave” did not leave out special touches, like one of my favorite little luxuries – pencils in a cup – on his desk.

I just love a beautiful pencil cup on a desk with an spray of interesting pencils.  I have leopard on my desk at home (although my 14 year old daughter keeps taking them to school as her own!!!!!)…..I also like cool file folders!  I often pick file folders that  match the personalities of my clients! I am very particular about how the pens I use and the notebooks I write it.  It can make all the difference in staying organized!

How do you stay organized AND fabulous at the same time?  I would love to know! Leave a comment for me below!

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