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All you need is love!

Love is in the air.  I just adore watching my store, Knotting Hill Interiors, come alive during each season and holiday of the year – but Valentines Day is especially fun.  Men by the truckloads come in to find their wives/girlfriends or that special someone the perfect gift – and you know we have it!  Oh, watching these guys come in the store (especially if they have never been in before) is a real treat.  I like to say that Knotting Hill Interiors is a “one stop shop” for ALL things a girl could need!  The one exception – fresh flowers, but you know we probably have a suggestion for those, too.

There are so many great designers out there blogging about this month of L-O-V-E, DIY, how-to’s and suggestions to give your home a little romantic facelift for your partner or spouse or cute crafts for kids and home made Valentines for school friends.  Here are some of my top picks to find some inspiration this season.

Belle Maison wins the awards for DIY home made Valentines and creative ways to say “I love you.” Valentines Day crafts.

Loving this new blog, The Poor Sophisticate, and her brilliant blog post about putting together a Valentines Day table scape.  This is a lovely way to get in the spirit of the season and make a statement to your guests!

Steering away from the traditional red and pink, I just love the fun and whimsical look of this table scape! And the best thing – these dishes can be used other times of the year as well! A few rose petals, a personal touch and viola!

If there was a wreath I could hang on my door for every day of the year, I think I would have to build a special closet for them – one for each day of the week and also for every part of my personality!  Hanging a wreath on your door is a special way to make your home inviting to strangers passing by that might never step through your door.  This really cool site, Babble, had some super fun and really different DIY wreaths to show let the whole neighborhood know that you believe in love!


How fun, colorful and different is this!! Would be such a nice surprise to make a small one and hang on your daughters door when she got home from school as well!

Last but certainly not least, one of my design heroes, Tobi Fairley has taken not just the 14th of February to show some love – but she has dedicated the entire month to sharing something she loves each day.  Not only is Tobi an amazing designer and inspiration – she also has great taste so be sure to check out her blog to find some wonderful new products and ideas.

LOVE begins with YOU! Amen, Tobi!

As for me – what do I love?  I love connecting with each and every one of you on this great big journey of love called life!

What do you do to get inspired for Valentines Day?  Share your ideas and leave me a comment!

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Go and have an It’s So Fabulous Day!

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