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There are many elements of cottage style that are similar to Country French, and sometimes, they do cross over one another (as is the case with many design styles). Both styles utilize natural elements, such as antique wood and florals, to add warmth to a space. In addition, both blend the use of old and new furniture and accessories. However, when you take a look at photos of both, it is easy to see the differences. Cottage style is almost always more casual than Country French, and excessive use of fringe and rich fabrics is not normally part of the agenda. The color white is used quite often in cottage style design, whereas that is not the case with Country French. “Vintage” furniture, accessories, and sink fixtures are often found in cottage-style decorating, and the addition of slipcovered furniture is quite common. Take a look at these photos from Better Homes & Gardens (except where otherwise noted in the caption) to get a “feel” for this decor …

This bedroom showcases a unique use of an antique screen loaded with floral fabric to embody the cottage style design.

This space has a formal sofa contrasting its interesting placement on a porch and the use of crispy, white fabric and potted plants as casual elements.

Gingham check fabric, white walls, and the use of a vintage icecream pail for a lamp are all great examples of Cottage style design.

Casual, comfortable slipcovers and floral arrangements are classic components of cottage design.

This lovely distressed headboard, blended with a bright white comforter and walls shows the relaxed livability of cottage style design.

A burlap tablecloth is so charming, when blended with the elements of a formal style chair and chandelier.

This vintage tub and gingham check fabric are fabulous examples of the relaxed beauty of cottage style design. Photo from Country Living Magazine.

Often, different styles are married together, as is the case in this space, which beautifully blends elements of coastal design with that of cottage style. Photo from Country Living magazine.

Warm wood, such as that found on this kitchen ceiling, as well as open shelving are common components in cottage style design.

The antique fan, vintage tub, and white walls are beautiful components that contribute to the overall look of this charming bathroom.

As you can see, cottage style design is both casual, yet refined, and old, yet new. It is inviting and comfortable, yet crispy and clean. Might this be the design style you are looking for in your home? If so, my design staff and I at Knotting Hill Interiors can make it happen for you!

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