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“I PERSONALLY Knew I Needed a Home Makeover When…

… I had to practice my Pilates breathing NOT to think about it when I walked in my front door everyday”.

So, here’s a simple question…. WHY didn’t I just decorate the darn thing then?! What was I waiting for, exactly? I mean, I obviously have all the resources and knowledge to make decorating “magic” happen everyday for my clients, so why was my own home so different? Well, it is probably for many of the same reasons that anyone else postpones big projects.

I am busy all day zapping the majority of my creative energy into my clients’ homes. Therefore, I am too exhausted by the time I get home to take on another giant project… especially my own home! In a nutshell, an undertaking such as this seems completely overwhelming, when you pause to consider the bazillion decisions that need to be made in order to overhaul an entire home… paint colors, wallpaper, furniture selection, lighting choices, floorplans, window treatments, throw pillows, rugs, accessories…. the list goes on and on!

So, I DO understand exactly the reasons that people hire an interior designer to decorate their homes. Sometimes, my clients tell me they are not confident enough about their designing abilities to trust their own decor choices. Others have said that they are unsure about how or where to start the process… or where to find the resources to purchase the things they like. However, there is another category of my clients who are perfectly capable of decorating their own homes, yet they choose to enlist my help, because they simply lack the time and/or energy required to expeditiously bring such a project to fruition. Rather than dragging the process out over months and sometimes years, this group of clientèle wants it done in short order, with little inconvenience. Let’s face it… it is much more fun to have a designer navigate such a project than it is to “captain the ship” on your own. Having someone available to suggest ideas and take care of mundane details is quite a valuable service to people who lead extremely busy lives. I should know, since I count myself among this group!

Even though I design everyday for others, I still enjoy – and sometimes NEED! – the help of my assistant designer, Julie, as my sounding board for the endless decisions involving my own home renovation. She often keeps me “on track” and steers me away from taking shortcuts that I would never consider in one of my client’s homes.

So, how did I finally take action… And how can YOU do the same?

I made an appointment with myself! This may seem like simple advice, but it was actually a difficult step to take! As I am certain many of you can relate, it is quite tempting to let other distractions  take priority over an “optional” project such as a home renovation. However, if you are truly ready to get the ball rolling, your quickest route to successful completion is to engage the assistance of a qualified designer.  Choose a decorator whose work is representative of  your style and personality, and just GO FOR IT! I learned that sticking just one toe in the water fails to get the job done. Instead, the best method is just to take a deep breath, and DIVE IN! When you do, you will probably be amazed at the way in which an experienced designer can guide you ashore in truly fabulous fashion!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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