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Well, it’s almost Easter, friends, and although this celebrated holiday brings to mind many special things for many different people, one universal question, albeit superficial, that most women must ponder this season is…. “What bag will I wear with my Easter outfit?!” Now, before any of you male readers check out on me here, let me give you a piece of advice. If you help your honey bunny find the perfect bag for her dress, YOUR hippity- hop down life’s lane WILL BE soooo much EASIER… and you will win instant brownie points, of course! So, if you are in search of the perfect bag, or if you know someone in search of the perfect bag, this post is for you. Today and tomorrow, I will be showcasing a few bunny-licious finds from my retail portion of Knotting Hill Interiors. Today… you guessed it…. I have selected a few of my favorite pastel Easter bags  currently for sale in the shop. These bags are flying off the shelves, so hop on over as soon as you can before your favorite one is gone! Prices range from the mid-30’s to just under $200.

Here is only a small portion of the lovely Easter bags to choose from at Knotting Hill Interiors. Beautiful pastels and sparkley accents make each bag seem special!

These beautiful patent-leather pastel bags make a perfect accessory for almost any Easter ensemble.

These bags are all perfect for Easter and beyond. One is crafted from cork, one from straw, and last one is fashioned into the shape of a flower! So cute, yet so elegant!

These two beauties have the most fabulous "broaches" attached to the fronts of them and are so "springy"!

Let’s hope now that Peter Cotton tail hops down your bunny trail with a bag-in-hand from Knotting Hill Interiors!

Visit our website at: KNOTTING HILL INTERIORS

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