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I am not a huge fan of April Fools Day, and on the 1st of April each year I have a lot more on my mind other than pulling pranks on people.  Facebook does make it quite amusing sometimes, (so and so got is having a baby, getting married, etc.).  Being the mother of a teenager and adolescent, I’ve been the victim of the usual suspect jokes (fake spiders in the pantry, that sort of thing), but I learned to be ready for that at any moment, any day of the year.  Not just April Fools.

No, on April 1st most years I am much more excited about the last frost behind us, the blossoming buds on the trees around my home springing into green to give my yard the perfect compliments of shade and sun all summer long and of course, Peter Cottontail.  Mr. Bunny.  A true southern home is not ready for the Easter holiday without one and at Knotting Hill Interiors, the bunnies have invaded (for lack of a better word!).  They are everywhere and looking for the perfect home to grow up with your own southern traditions.

All of my bunny friends below are available for purchase at Knotting Hill Interiors, and, if you see one you love and can’t make it into the store, give us a call and we will make sure he makes it to you in time for Easter Day! Give us a call at (843) 916-4455.

Gotta just love this old guy.  He is like one of those older dogs you see at the Humane Society.  You did not go visit the Humane Society to come home with anything, but there was this one….  And, then before you know it you are taking home a new dog.  He will be so proud to be a part of your family, he will want to stand guard at your front door to show off his new collar or big bunny bow. Large decorative bunny made of sticks- $159.99

The only thing that would make this handsome chap more perfect would be if he was holding a champagne glass!  He will put a smile on everyones face, so put him in a place where he will get the attention he demands!  If you are having an “adult” themed Easter brunch or dinner (meaning there will be adult beverages), place him on the drink cart with a few tulips to show everyone in his vase. White glass bunny holding flower vase- $24.99

He is standing up and ready to greet you on the table in your foyer! Or, as a part of your Easter Brunch tablescape. Faux moss covered bunny- $55.99

Reminiscent of the “chocolate covered bunnies” you might want to keep these guys out of arms reach from children and adults alike as they might be checking to see if there is anything edible beneath their colorful coats!  Great for your mantle or coffee/side table. Tall ceramic bunny covered in colorful aluminum- $35.99

These guys are perfect for a small little space on your bookshelf, bedside table or greeting your guests in your powder room! (Laying down white wooden bunny- $27.99, Big cracked pottery eggs with glitter- $17.99-$75.99)

Oh, and last but not least – we can’t forget the front door! Pink Easter wreaths- $21.99 each

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