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I am often told by my design clients that I have a “signature” look that is easy for them to recognize in spaces that I have designed. At first, I was not entirely sure that I really liked that idea, considering that I pride myself on being able to meet the diverse styling needs of my clientèle.  However, as time passed, I realized what they really meant to say is that I have a few signature elements that are commonly present in the majority of my designs.

The first component is throws! I truly love using them in almost any space. Although there are a variety of reasons that I will add a specific throw to a specific room, in almost every case, they simply add a FABULOUS sense of coziness and warmth. I think we can all agree that a sofa draped with a snuggly throw across it is so much more inviting than one without one.

Aesthetically speaking, a multi-colored throw may also help to pull together the palate of a room. A throw may also serve the opposite purpose. Rather than uniting colors, perhaps it actually introduces a new color to a space that is lacking in pizazz or interest.

Pictured below are a variety of rooms that I have recently decorated. As you will see, I always manage to find a place to insert a FABULOUS throw SOMEWHERE in the design…

This is one of my favorite throws! How chic!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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