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“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

– Pablo Picasso

Crushing on YELLOW!

My current color crush is YELLOW.  I am getting tired of blues and have been over aqua on it’s own for awhile now (but see below because paired with yellow, it’s a whole new game).  That is just the way it goes in my designer world, though.  I will always secretly love, love, love aqua as it is just a beautiful color, but for me, the past five years have been such an aqua phase that I am ready for something new.  So for me, another soft color that I think I could grow to absolutely love working with is YELLOW.  A soft buttery yellow is my favorite and I love it paired with taupe and drumroll please….AQUA (told you!).  Quite pretty and also really quiet as a color scheme.

Guest room in my own home with full on color crush, Yellow and one of my favorite pairings, Aqua. A bit more of a modern take on yellow and aqua. Love the walls!

 When choosing a yellow, make sure not to go too happy.  It is really sophisticated if you pair it with stark white and black.  Too happy becomes cute and cute is not a look I admire.

A gorgeous and elegant bathroom with yellow, black and white.

Yellow is absolutely wonderful with gray and charcoal and really shines when paired with two other colors.

Try pairing yellow with at least two colors. Here Charcoal, Gray and a Canary Yellow bring a sophisticated look to this sitting area.

Elegance can be created with yellow and a very strong navy.

These two colors are just so sharp together! Love those lamps! It’s a great look in the home and on you!

If you are thinking of yellow walls, I warn you with a word of caution.  YELLOW is a hard color to get right.  Tread carefully and ALWAYS paint a big color board or two before putting it on your walls.  Sunlight does funny things to yellow.  If has a bit of brown in it, then it turns gold.  If it is not deep enough then it looks happy like a buttercup.  If it  has a hint of green in it, then it turns sharp.  If it is too light then it looks creamy.   Yellow is very reflective and that is one of the reasons it is hard to get right.   I say, invite yellow into your life in another way.

Benjamin Moore – Summer Harvest 206

Instead of a wall, think about putting a rich deep taupey-gray on a wall and then using yellow as fabrics and accents.  Nothing is prettier than a pair of yellow lamps or a perfect pair of yellow pillows.    Now that spells yellow success!!!!!!!

Ok, can’t deny it… HOT PINK might be my next Color Crush!

 Pretty good yellows to try if you insist on a paint color:

 Benjamin Moore summer harvest 206

Sherwin Williams 6679 Full Moon

Is there a shade of yellow you are crazy about? Has this post inspired you to add a dose of sunshine into your home?  Let me know!

p.s. Just for fun (because I had too…)  A completely southern tradition is eating banana popsicles in the summertime.  My kids absolutely love them!  When I was at the grocery store this past week (with yellow on my mind…) I saw a box of them and it it brought back so many great memories of hot summer afternoons with my family.  BONUS!  The box is a fab shade of YELLOW!  Enjoy!

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