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Monogrammed, lace sheeting by Matouk. This brand and several others available at Knotting Hill Interiors.

The thought of snowflakes falling from the sky evokes many different images, depending on the personal experiences and memories of the individual. In colder parts of the country (and WORLD, for you international readers!), I have been told that snow is commonly perceived as more of a nuisance than as a picture of serenity and beauty. For residents of these icier environments, many cringe at the thought of this wintertime precipitation. Arriving hand-in-hand with treacherous road conditions, snow shovels, and windshield scrapers, it is understandable that snow is not always greeted with welcoming arms.

However, for those of us residing in Southern states, on the rare occasions that we actually receive a beautiful snowfall, we relish in all of its simple pleasures. In my resort town of Myrtle beach, SC, a forecast of snow always creates a huge buzz of excitement! As the first flakes cascade from the sky, discussions of snowfall suddenly catapult to the pinnacle of every topic list, for children and adults alike. The flurry of ivory wonder monopolizes the minds of its Southern recipients until such a time that every remnant of its existence has melted away. During its short interlude with us, we find endless ways to enjoy this coveted wintertime treasure. We shape it into snowman, eat it, roll it into balls, and fling ourselves into piles of it. (In short, we roll around in it like pigs in slop!)  In addition, once the snow begins to melt, we quickly stuff one final container of it into the freezer for future use in our “snow cream” recipes!

Myrtle Beach Interior Design Blog

Monogrammed bedding. Similar styles and brands available at my retail shop.

Of course, having shared all of the previously mentioned wonderment, I should probably also clue you in on the scenerio that prefaces the occurrence of such an amazing snowfall in the regions of coastal South Carolina. The scene generally includes, well, let me see, how can I best describe it? MASS CHAOS!?!  Yes, indeed. The simple mention of possible snowfall is justifiable cause for parents to contemplate picking their children up early from school, so they will not miss a single photo op moment of such a momentous occasion! Across the bottom of television screens, news stations begin cycling special reports of school and business closings, as parents and children anxiously await the naming of their respective establishments. In addition, grocery stores are swarmed with anxious shoppers stocking their pantries with enough groceries to survive the “winter storm”… and quite possibly an alien invasion or Armageddon, as well! Often, all of this preparation occurs before the first sign of snow has ever been sighted! By time the snow actually begins to fall, our residents are fully prepared for a blizzard of magnanimous proportions (with the exception of our resident snowbirds who endlessly wonder what the heck all these crazy Southerners are freaking out about!?)  

Now, here is the reality of what generally follows… a few light snow flurries are enthusiastically celebrated, of which only a small number stick to the ground (if there is any snow fall at all, that is)…. And finally, universal sighs can be heard throughout the city. Darn! Thwarted again! That is not to say that we NEVER get snow, but it is not often, and when it does happen, I admit that most of us act like complete, raving, loony birds.

Although our Southern excitement over the arrival of an unexpected snowfall may seem quite “nutty” to a majority of our Northern brethren, I would venture a guess that most people would agree that the beauty of the snow itself (minus its burdens and inconveniences, that is) is quite remarkable. It is one of my favorite mental practices to dissect individual elements of nature, breaking each one down into its own distinctive characteristics. By doing so, comprehending the ways in which these essentials form beautiful and flawless settings is much less complex. Applying the same principles to design allows me to incorporate the “feel” of natural elements into an interior space.

South Carolina Interior Design

Monogrammed linen placemats and napkins. Custom monogramming available at Knotting Hill Interiors.

With specific regard to snow, each snowflake is unique in its own right but contributes to a stunning, overall landscape of soft, yet crisp precipitation. As I contemplated those specific qualities, I could not help but to draw a parallel between snow and one of my very favorite design staples… white, tone-on-tone, monogrammed linens. For me, the term “linens” encompasses both napkins and tablecloths, as well as sheets and pillowcases. Mimicking the exact characteristics of snow-covered landscapes, nothing is quite as soft and tranquil, yet clean and crispy, as fresh, white linens. As is the case with their snowy equivalence, white linens blend perfectly into any backdrop, yet add a touch of elegance and splendor to any setting. In addition, individual snowflakes may appear to be the same, yet they are all unique to one another. In the same way, adding tone-on-tone monograms to linens imparts an extra “zing” of individualized flair, without overwhelming the natural beauty of the linens themselves.

Inserted into this post are a few examples of white-on-white monogrammed linens that can be ordered online. In addition, it is also possible to purchase plain white linens and bring them into a retail shop, such as Knotting Hill Interiors, to have them custom monogrammed in your choice of monogram style and thread color. 

Without a doubt, white-on-white monogrammed linens are timeless, always in style, and perfect for any occasion and space. Whether you are a friend or foe to snowy weather, it is hard to argue that its beautiful distinctiveness sets it apart from every other element in nature, as is also the case with its interior design counterpart, monogrammed, white linens.

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