Adding Drama with Sassy Seating (Part 3): Harrison Gil - Christopher Guy

One of my very favorite furniture designers is Christopher Guy, a.k.a. Harrison-Gil. If you are looking for drama, it is highly unlikely that you will find a better source than this incredible company. By adding a Christopher Guy chair to a room, the focal point and feel of the space is suddenly morphed into something highly unique and interesting!

Take a peek at just a few examples….

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs


Christopher Guy chairs

Photo from Simplified blogsite

Christopher Guy chairs


Christopher Guy chairsChristopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs

Christopher Guy chairs from the cover of Metropolitan Home.

How would you like to have a Christopher Gil chair in your own decor? We carry this line at Knotting Hill Interiors and can help you incorporate it into your home design…. the style is actually incredibly versatile!

If you would like help adding some dramatic flair to your interiors, contact me for for an in-home or online consultation at Kimberly@knottinghillinteriors.com.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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T.G.I.F. 'Thank Goodness It’s So Fabulous!'



After reading my post this week on Lucite chairs, you may agree that just because something is transparent does not necessarily mean that it is invisible. In fact, quite the opposite may be true! Objects of transparency can pack a powerful punch into their surroundings.

“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENT JEWELRY of the Week: The ultimate in transparent gemstones is, of course, the diamond! Every girl’s best friend in the jewelry world! However, there are many other less costly alternatives that can also add a special sparkle to any outfit!


Transparent stones

Look at these stunning rings from Barbara Klar!

while house black market bracelet

A sparkling stack of bracelets from White House Black Market! We also carry some very reasonably priced stacked bracelets at Knotting Hill Interiors.... Stop by!

“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENT FASHION FIND of the Week: How about some transparent shoes…. a modern day translation of Cinderella’s glass slipper!

bizarre spider shoe

What do you think of these "interesting" shoes? Ok, ok, maybe not quite THAT modern!

chloe shoes

These transparent ballerina flats from Chloe come in all different accent colors from bright orange to black. They would certainly be a fabulous twist to many an outfit in my closet!

Martin Margiela

Check out these lovely Martin Margiela pumps that are sporting a completely transparent heel!

“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENT HOME ACCESSORY of the Week:

paula hayes terramiun

These uniquely transparent Paula Hayes terrariums would make a one-of-a-kind statement in any room.

“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENT LIGHT FIXTURES of the Week:  Most of us already know the impact of a beautiful light fixture! Transparent or not, the correct lighting -such as the examples shown below – can truly transform the entire look of a room!


This drippy chandelier adds just the perfect amount of transparent drama to this casual dining area!

jonathan adler

This room designed by Jonathan Adler is beautifully executed with a stunning ship chandelier.

“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENT FURNITURE of the Week: In addition to Lucite chairs, there are also other transparent furniture pieces that add a touch of glamour to any space!

lucite side table and lamp

This side table and lamp are truly elegant examples of the beauty of transparent home decor.


“It’s So Fabulous!” TRANSPARENCY QUOTE of the Week:

There is no persuasiveness more effectual than the transparency of a single heart, of a sincere life.
Joseph Barber Lightfoot

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

If you would like help making YOUR home even more fabulous,  contact me for an in-home or online consultation at Kimberly@knottinghillinteriors.com




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Adding Drama with Sassy Seating (Part 2): Lucite Chairs

It’s hard to believe that a completely transparent piece of furniture is able to transform the vibe of an entire room, but that is exactly what a Lucite chair can do! Lucite furniture has long been associated with retro glamour. However, with all of the options available in today’s market, incorporating a sassy Lucite chair into almost any decor style is “clearly” (couldn’t help myself!) a more achievable alternative than ever!

One of my very faaaaavorite Lucite chairs is GEOFFREY BRADFIELD’s Signature Wingback from his Millennium Modern Collection! How FABULOUSSSSS is this incredibly dramatic chair?

GEOFFREY BRADFIELD Millennium Modern Collection

Here are two other fabulous Lucite chairs from that collection…..


Coco Chair


Lady Mendl Chair

This gorgeous Helena Rubenstein chair pictured in the next three photos is available from The Paris Apartment ….

Lucite chair from The Paris Apartment

Helena Rubenstein chair


Helena Rubenstein chair


A Lucite chair can blend beautifully with traditional decor in a foyer…..

Unica Home - Mademoiselle Chair by Kartell traditional dining room


…. In a contemporary living room…..

Marcelo Brito - Sao Paulo - Brazil contemporary living room

Designed by Marcelo Brito

….. At a table….


Philip Stark's ghost chair photo Elle Decor

Philip Stark's ghost chair. Photo from Elle Decor.

Lucite chair - Blink Decor

Photo from Blink Decor

Lucite chairs - Photo from Interiorly

These chairs blend the traditional elements of a wooden table and tufted chair cushions with the drama of Lucite! Photo from Interiorly

Lucite chairs - Photo from Ellle Decor

Photo from Ellle Decor

…. In an office….

Photo from Decor Pad

Photo from Decor Pad

….. At a bar…..

Lucite bar stools - Photo from Interiorly

Photo from Interiorly

…. In place of a traditional desk chair….

Lucite chair at desk

Photo from Elle Decor

….. And basically in ANY room of ANY style! So, why not give your space a shot of drama by inserting a “clearly” beautiful Lucite chair!?

Do you own a Lucite chair? If not, would you? If so, how and where do you display your Lucite chair in your home? Do you consider it a versatile piece of furniture?

Now, go have an “It’s so Fabulous!” day!

If you would like help making YOUR home even more fabulous, contact me for an online or in-home consultation at Kimberly@Knottinghillinteriors.com



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Adding Drama with Sassy Seating (Part 1): Hooded Chairs

Looking for dramatic edge?  Consider a hooded chair!  It’s a little bit sexy and a lot bit “WOW”!

Take a look at these sassy examples….


Hooded chair in foyer

This hooded chair is one that I used for some of my Knotting Hill Interiors clients in their entryway.

Hooded chair

Photo from Atlanta Homes Magazine.
kelly wearstler design hooded chair

These hooded chairs were designed by Kelly Wearstler to be able to see the person sitting next to you! Ingenious!

Hooded chair

Photo from House Beautiful.

Thom Felicia hooded chairs

These hooded chairs were incorporated into a design by Thom Felicia.

Hooded chair

Photo from Best Home Interior.

bergdorf goodman hooded chair

Photo from Bergdorf Goodman restaurant, designed by Kelly Wearstler.

Hooded chairs at BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman by Kelly Wearstler

Another shot of hooded chairs at BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman by Kelly Wearstler.

How and where would you display a hooded chair in your home?


Now, go have an “It’s so Fabulous!” day!




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  • I’ve seen chairs like these on some of my antique hunts and have liked them. I like several of the ones in this post, but I think they can look a little funny if one doesn’t know how to properly pull off this look. For instance, wouldn’t one ideally need high ceilings to pull it off? I like how you feel enveloped as if you’re in a cocoon when sitting in a hooded chair. (Off the subject, that is the most gorgeous mirror in the first photo!)

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T.G.I.F. 'Thank Goodness It’s So Fabulous!'



It seems that the color green is making a strong appearance in both fashion and interior design this season!  Take a look at some of my favorite ways that the color is being boldly showcased!


“It’s So Fabulous!” GREEN SPACES of the Week: In this year’s July/August issue of Lonny magazine, several eye-catching rooms bathed in lovely shades of green were featured among its pages. Click the link to view the entire article and all of the pictures.

Lonny Magazine July/August

These window treatments look amazing blended with blue and white in this bedroom.

Green accent pillows carry the color scheme into other spaces such as the red room pictured here.
Lonny Magazine July/August

This green chair is a striking contrast against the ruby-colored walls and window treatments.

Lonny Magazine July/August


“It’s So Fabulous!”  GREEN FASHION of the Week: Another place that green has been cropping up is throughout the fashion scene. In fresh and fabulous shades for summer, green can be blended with a multitude of other colors to create marvelous combinations!

While I was searching for photos online about green fashion, I actually found an article in Real Simple Magazine that was about that very topic! Below are a few of the photos from that article mixed in with the others. However, if you would like to read the full article and view all of the photos from Real Simple, click the link above.


green with light blue

Greens and blues marry well together! Photo from Real Simple.

Katy Perry May Issue

Katy Perry sporting a bright green and turquoise color combo!

Green and dusty rose can also be combined through accessories. Photo from Real Simple.


Green and Dusty Rose pair fabulously together! Spring/Summer 2011 Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week.

green and tan

Green and tans are always a classic color match! Photo from Real Simple.

Design by Blumarine

“It’s So Fabulous!”  GREEN ARRANGEMENT of the Week: Sometimes, a completely green arrangement is a fabulous choice for a space. Perhaps, there is already enough color in the room, and it simply needs the addition of some live greenery. In that case, it is important to consider the height of the foliage you select, as well as its texture. One way to add interest to an arrangement is by making it asymmetrical, while still providing a sense of cohesiveness. The arrangement below is one that I consider a particularly interesting example of this type of design. Notice all of the different types of leafy textures. There are a few flowers in muted colors inserted into the arrangement, but for the most part, the components are primarily green.  There is a description below the photo that describes how to style this arrangement with all of the plants used in its creation.
Photo from Real Simple Magazine.

Photo from Real Simple Magazine.

Use leafy Solomon’s seal (with its little white “bells”) as a foundation, loosely filling a column-shaped vase and extending from both sides. Nestle bright, velvety cockscomb deep in the middle, just off-center, like a buried treasure. Fill holes with spearmint and poppy pods. Add tall sweet pea vines, placing them to arc toward, not away from, the arrangement. Tuck fronds of wispy maidenhair fern around the bottom on one side to spill out and down, leaving plenty of space to show its delicate shape.

What are YOUR favorite green color combinations or ways to insert the color into your interior design?
NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!





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