Incorporating Your Blue and White Collection into your Interior Design

Blue and white china in dining room

Notice how we tied in the blue and white into the ceiling

Collections can be a wonderful way of preserving memories.  For many of my South Carolina Interior Design clients, I suggest starting a collection for themselves but also, one for each of their children.  While collections are important, displaying the collection artfully is what matters most.

One of my own personal favorite collections is my blue and white porcelain.  I have been collecting since I was a child and my collection is quite extensive.  I display an enormous amount of the porcelain on my dining room buffet, but I also use my collection when entertaining.  I have a lovely giant bowl that I use for salads.   I have mini plates that are wonderful when used for dipping oil.  I have 12 blue and white salt cellars  and an assortment of vases in all shapes and sizes.

interior design showcases blue and white china

There is an art to a well balanced buffet display


My Montahedah “Canton” china collection is blue and white and pairs nicely with cobalt blue glassware to inspire many a lovely and elegant dinner party.  I group a lot of the porcelain pieces in three’s and have a little in each and every room in my home.

Blue and white china in dining room design

Notice how nicely the yellow accentuates the blue and white



This year my 26 year old daughter Lorie was married in September.  For her ceremony and reception we gathered up my blue and white porcelain collection and had the florist incorporate it into the decorating scheme.

wedding decorating with blue and white china

The oriental lilies were the perfect splash of color against the blue and white


Paired with hot pink oriental lilies it was exquisite and it was meaningful to my daughter who grew up surrounded by my collection.  As a special wedding gift I gave her one of my favorite pieces which in turn, started her collection!

Blue and white china in wedding flower arrangements

Blue and white china is such an elegant and timeless touch


wedding flower arrangement with blue and white china

Love this piece!


Blue and white china in wedding table centerpiece

This tall vase works well as this wedding table centerpiece


Blue and white china in outdoor wedding

My lovely daughter on her big day! You can see the gorgeous blue and white vases accenting the alter


Do any of you have great collections and interesting ways to display them?  I would love to hear about them or better yet, send me a photo!

In this series, I’ll take you on a little tour of great collections that I have encountered over the years and some wonderful ways to display them!  Stay tuned!

Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”!


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  • I feel like today is Blue and White day. Another blog I follow posted about why she loves blue and white (www.theenchantedhome.blogspot.com). I absolutely love all things blue and white!! Thanks for sharing. My favorite things to collect are plates, silver, and crystal!!

  • Pamela Jo

    Your collection is beautiful, but what struck me the most was the way you incorporated this historic tradition of your collection passing it through the family with its use in your daughter’s wedding. The use of the lilies is so perfect with the china and you have a very smart and lucky daughter that clearly loves the tradition of her family. A great way to put a very personal touch on a wedding that is so often missing in today’s weddings. Congratulations to you both. Well Done!

  • Patty

    Have missed your blog posts, so happy to see you back. This was a lovely post….your daughter’s wedding looked lovely and so nice to incorporate your pieces. I have collected many things over the years…..eggplates, vintage globes, hand thrown pottery, face jugs, folk art. My taste is different from yours, but collecting is fun no matter what one collects wouldn’t you agree? I always enjoy your blog.

    • Kimberly Grigg

      Thank you Patty. I have missed blogging, too. It has been an incredibly busy time for me. Our new location has quadrupled my business and I am just now coming up for air. I am back on a regular blogging schedule though and you will be hearing lots more from me! Thank you for sticking with me and thank you for reading. And yes, collecting is fun no matter what you collect! I love eggplates!!!!! XO, Kimberly

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My Secret Weapons for Holiday Decorating: Part 4

One of my favorite Secret Holiday Decorating Weapons is not necessarily something that I would describe as “pretty” – But WOW! – does it ever function!  This oh-so-helpful contraption is my custom-created holiday doorframe. A carpenter can build one of these simple frames to fit your door, or if you are handy, you can even build one yourself! The purpose of this tool is to hold your garlands securely in place throughout the entire season with little to no frustration. Just imagine, NO MORE “WONKY” garland!

Below is a photo of how my front door looked with the holiday doorframe attached around its perimeter.

Luxury interior design "before" door frame


I simply built a 6 1/2” frame out of treated lumber. To accommodate the 14′ height of my door, the frame is built in 4 sections. There are two tall side pieces, plus two additional sections that meet at the top of the arch. It is important to follow the lines of your specific door. For instance, if your door is rectangular, then you will want to create a frame that follows the angular lines of that shape.

The next step is to cover each piece of the frame in chicken wire. This task can be accomplished with the help of a heavy duty staple gun.

Once completed, simply screw the structure in place with masonry screws.

Finally, attach your greenery to the frame – And VOILA! -The result is stunning!

Luxury interior design holiday door frame

AFTER Photo with my garland attached to the frame!

Your garland will be as full and festive the day after Christmas as it was the day you put it up! No more mid-season drooping, shifting, or falling greenery to contend with… And we can ALL give a hearty “CHEERS” to THAT!

Here is a video blog I made last year about my handy-dandy door frame that I thought you might enjoy watching again!

Thank you to all of my readers who have supported my little blog over the last 2 years and have made it the successful Labor of Love that it has become!

Now, go have an “It’s So Fabulous!” Holiday, and….




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Style University - Designer Secrets 101

Are you ready to create a gorgeous interior and have a fabulous time doing it?  Grab your friends and sign up for the brand new “Style University” “Designer Secrets 101” today! This two day class is January 25th & 26th.  Space is limited.

  • Learn how to blend fabrics & patterns
  • Learn how to select color with confidence
  • Learn how to define your style with accessories
  • Learn how to put WOW factors into your décor
  • Learn how to polish your rooms to look more professional

As an award winning designer, I am renowned for creating elegant, comfortable living spaces in any design style. Whether it’s utterly traditional or ultra-modern, good design is good design. I’ve always been able to run the gamut and give my clients living spaces that fit the way they live – with an element of surprise that makes them say WOW!

This two day class will take you through my unique “Kimplistic” approach to designing fabulous rooms.  I  will lead you through my special steps in a fun workshop environment.  You will be an active part of this design workshop creating color schemes, working with hands-on floor plan exercises, creating inspiration boards and learning countless designer secrets and more! No worries if you have little design experience, our team will guide you through the process in a fun and stress free way.  When complete you will be on your way to becoming a Design Scholar and well educated to creating a professionally decorated room. Great class for professional designers as well.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to go back to school in a fun way!!

This course begins on January 25th & 26th, 6:30 – 9:30. Space is limited to 15 per course.

Registration is $395* for registrations received by December 24, 2011

$495* up until January 6, 2012.  *meal included

To sign up for this 2 day course either mail or email  your name, address, telephone number, email, along with your registration fee  to:

Knotting Hill Interiors

7753 N. Kings Hwy.

Myrtle Beach, SC  29572



We will confirm your registration via email.  I look forward to seeing you in my workshop!!



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My Secret Weapons for Holiday Decorating: Part 3

Wrapping is an endless chore! However, once the task is complete, wrapped packages add excitement to the season and flair to your holiday décor.  My tree never feels quite complete or beautiful enough before my wrapped gifts are added. But honestly, who has the extra time to create mini-masterpieces of fluff and glamour for each and every package under the tree?  Well, with colored boxes… we all do!


Colored box with bow luxury interior design

Photo from Pretty Is as Pretty Does.

Many online and retail stores sell colored boxes.  I once received a lovely gift in a gold, sparkly box adorned with a fabulous, navy ribbon.  Since I am a designer, and I also own a gift store, I am not easily “wowed” by packaging. However, I just have to tell you, I could not wait to tear into that glittery box!  While the contents of the package were absolutely wonderful, the beautiful presentation truly made the gift doubly as fabulous!


Glittery box package luxury interior design

This glittery box (shown on the Martha Stewart website) is similar to the one I received. You can embellish and beautify your gift by adding your favorite ribbon!

At my retail and design shop, Knotting Hill Interiors, we use brown boxes and gift bags for all of our customers! We often vary the color of our tissue paper, but the brown box remains constant.  And the beauty of our “little brown box”? No wrapping required… We do the work for you!  A lovely, fluffy ribbon (My “Secret Weapon for Holiday Decorating #2”) is attached to your box or bag… and VOILA!… the rest is simply perfection!


Tiffany & Co box luxury interior design

Similar to the Tiffany & Co. "little blue box", the "little brown box" is our signature presentation at Knotting Hill Interiors.

Knotting Hill Interiors luxury interior design

This is my shop, Knotting Hill Interiors. Our signature brown is even on the awnings!

For family and special friends, I often incorporate festive ornaments into my bows, as well.

gift with ornament luxury interior design

This box (pictured on Pinterest.com) was embellished with a lavender bow and a snowflake ornament to make it extra-special.

Leaving off the decorative wrapping paper also provides the added benefit of saving trees for our environment, which gives me the good feeling of knowing I am making a small difference!

So, save your fingers and your time by not “wrapping”. Instead, put your energy and creativity into tying pretty ribbons for a fabulous holiday season!

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR IDEAS FOR CREATING BEAUTIFUL NON-WRAPPED PACKAGES? Feel free to share them by posting a comment to this post.

“Merry Everything!” from all of my Staff and Me at Knotting Hill Interiors!

Staff and Me Knotting Hill Interiors

Come visit us!

If you would like help making YOUR home even more fabulous, contact me for an in-house or online consultation at Kimberly@KnottingHillInteriors.com.

Now, go have an “It’s So Fabulous!” week!


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Fabulous Calendar of Events

We have a terrific calendar of events lined up. Hope to see you at any or all of our events. Merry everything!

Visit Knotting Hill Fabrics, Gifts & Interiors for your Holiday gift giving.


If you would like help making YOUR home even more fabulous, contact me for an in-house or online consultation by e-mailing Kimberly@KnottingHillInteriors.com OR by calling me 843-916-4455.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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  • Kimberly so many great events!! How fun! I am so glad to discover your site!

    Vicki from French Essence has offered her duo of amazing books valued at $80 to 2 winners at Art by Karena!

    We are on our 5th day of Holiday Giveaways with 4 events being open! So come and enter!
    Tis the season!

    Art by Karena

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