'Love Locks' on the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris

Fellow blogger, Ronda Carmen, of All The Best, recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post about one of the most endearing sentiments of true love that I have ever heard!

There is scarcely a woman alive who does not dream of walking the streets of Paris with the man she loves! Truly, there is not another city on earth that can compare to this city’s unique romance.

Let’s take that dream a step further by imagining yourself walking hand-in-hand across a Paris bridge, only to be surprised by your true love attaching an initial-engraved padlock to its rustic wooden slats. As he does so, he tosses the key into the Seine River as he confesses his undying love for you….

Um, WOW! How about THAT for romance?! Well, that is exactly what has been happening atop the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris! Hundreds of padlocks in various shapes, sizes, and colors – etched with the initials of their love-infused owners – have been affixed to the bridge. (The Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Seine River and links the Institut de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre. To learn more about this breathlessly picturesque bridge, click HERE.)

Ponts des Arts, Paris

Here is a photo of the Ponts des Arts bridge, in Paris.

Despite a mysterious, overnight vanishing of all but a few of the padlocks in May of 2010, the tradition has continued. It is not certain if the disappearance was prompted by the Mayor’s office attempting to discreetly remove what they considered to be an “eyesore” on the lovely bridge, or if it the disappearance was simply the work of scrap metal thieves. Either way, the resolve of couples in love could not be thwarted. Once again, new locks immediately began to reappear on the Ponts Des Arts bridge, as a shiny reminder of the inextinguishable romance of Paris! Ahhhh… now, how about THAT for a way to start your week off right?

Love Locks Paris

I LOVE the pink lock in this photo!

Love Locks ParisLove Locks Paris

Love Locks Paris

So, what do you think?! Are the padlocks on the bridge vandalism and distracting, or are they romance at its finest? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!



14 comments to ‘Love Locks’ on the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris

  • Victoria

    After a recent surprise trip to Paris, being proposed to under a twinkling effiel tower and leaving our mark with a lock on the Pont d’art, it is definately romance at its finest.
    It’s simply bureaucracy at its worst thinking that this act of love can be vandalism, and the only reason it may be distracting is by passers by being intrigued and finding the locks nothing but ‘fabulous’!!!
    If you’re ever in Paris, leaving a lock to mark your love is a must …it is definately “romance at its finest”.

  • StevenX

    The locks are starting to appear on other bridges, and Parisians are in an uproar. They will probably be removed at some point (at great taxpayer expense, which make the Parisians even madder). Nice sentiment but I see their point. Now people are starting to carve initials into the town’s trees. As usual, a good idea gets way out of hand. And they wonder why the French can be cool to tourists?

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  • Adam A Abdulla

    I love the concept behind this locks “our love is locked forever”. The same concept is found in Rome and on Great Wall of China. You may find similar concept in shrines in Iran and Iraq. Recently, an artist from Bahrain, Adel Al-Abbasi, made a few sculpture artworks with locks and with the similar concept. He was awarded for the work. In fact, it was a life size steel structure sculpture of a pregnant woman with locks hanging on it alonge with fabric knots. you may find the artworks related to this topic on the following link or you may google his name:


    In general, thanks for such a great interesting article. I would like to see the follow up and the recent news about the locks.


  • ann marie

    My husband and I left our first lock on the bridge during our engagement, when we had travelled to Paris to meet his family, we have since revisited for our honeymoon and took another engraved lock which we attached to the first one. We would be very disappointed if our locks were removed. My husband is a French man and it was his suggestion that we visit this very special bridge to show our love to the world.
    Ann Marie

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  • Richard Rosol

    My parents are in their early 80′s and still taking an annual vacation abroad. Next month they are going to Paris (first time for my dad), and I have bought them an engraved padlock to present to them on their departure. As I expect they are unfamiliar with this beautiful tradition, I will tell them to carry the lock with them on their walks, without telling them what it’s for. I would like for them to learn from a local the lock’s purpose, and to fulfill its destiny on on a late-night, moonlit Paris promenade.

  • Nana

    Having just returned from Paris,along with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law, we walked across Pont des Arts bridge and loved the locks affixed to the railings.
    As I had a day glow green lock in my suitcase at our hotel-we returned the next day with it and my granddaughter wrote our 3 names on it. We did this without realizing the meaning of this ritual, and laughed heartily when we later found out the meaning.
    And last week walking over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, I spied locks affixed to its railings-and also on the fence at the new waterfront park under the Bridge overlooking the statue of Liberty. Another reason to smile and laugh.

  • Jennifer

    This will be our third lock my boyfriend and I will leave at this very bridge, 411 steps from the end. (as to not forget location, as our anniversary is 4/11) as the couple before we attach the past to the previous ones… I love the tradition and can not wait to continue it… We also have locks in china, isreal, Philly, Texas, Germany, and Boston. Each of the places we have lived together… And somewhere our love has grown and a piece of our hearts have been symbolically left at. I will admit it is remarkable to return to your lock from many years past and remember the moment you locked it together wishing for what the best in the world could bring you together… We keep the key, and unlock it… As it is ours. Link the new one to the fence and old one to that. Silly but it’s our little moment we spend on this bridge. Come snow, rain or 100 degree temps!

  • Elysia

    I love them!! Does anyone know a place to buy a nice one in Paris? Would be very grateful for any help!

    • Kimberly Grigg

      Hello Elysia!

      I think the beauty of these is picking out a lock on your own and having it engraved a local engraver! If you do it, please send us a picture!

  • Veronica

    Elysia, you will find lots of them right at the bridge to be purchased .

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