Wallpapers... We've Come a Long Way, Baby! (Part 2 - Texture)

Many modern wallpapers now give the appearance of a textured finish. Some of the finishes that were once reserved for textiles or faux finish painting can now be achieved through the use of clever wallpaper creations. The options are seemingly endless!

For instance, take a look at wallpaper designer, Phillip Jeffries! He even has a quilted pattern that looks “oh so Coco Chanel!”

Phillip Jeffries - Black Quilted Lacquer

Phillip Jeffries - Black Quilted Lacquer wallpaper

Chanel bag - laurenconradchanel

Looks like this Chanel bag Lauren Conrad is carrying, doesn't it?!

And how about wallpapers that look like metal…. even gold leaf with verdis?! Really!?  Jeffries even makes a paper that looks like the steel in this refrigerator or the copper in this range hood!

Phillip Jeffries - multi tone verdi gold leaf.gen


Sub Zero Refrigerator

copper range hood flickr

Flickr Image

Phillip Jeffries also makes wallpapers with lacquered finishes like the finish found on traditionally lacquered walls.

lacquered walls - via decor pad

Here are some lacquered walls that wallpaper can now mimic. Photo via Decor Pad.

Another company that produces some amazing textural wallpapers is Thibaut. In fact, they have a series of books called Texture Resource.

Some of Thibaut’s textures include basket weaves…

Thibaut - basketweave

thibaut - banyan basket

Thibaut's Banyan Basket wallpaper

…Leathers (that remind me of this FAB Hancock & Moore glider, by the way!)….

hancock & moore leather glider

Thibaut - montana leather room

Montana Leather wallpaper, by Thibaut.

…And even FABRICS! There are wallpapers that resemble linen, such as the fabric found in this tablecloth…

linen tablecloth

Thibaut Harbour Linen wallpaper

natural-wallcoverings-phillip-jeffries-Linen grasscloth

Here is a room featuring Phillip Jeffries linen grass cloth wallpaper.

Silks are also a lovely choice for wallpaper texture…

phillip jeffries - metallic silk

Here is a gorgeous room featured in House Beautiful that showcases a textured wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries…

Regardless of the choice of wallpaper texture, there is no doubt that adding a pattern creates movement and interest in a space! So, play with it! Have some fun. You will have people asking… HOW did they DO that!?

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


4 comments to Wallpapers… We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (Part 2 – Texture)

  • Susan, North Carolina

    Hi Kimberly! I haven’t been on here in a few weeks, but I decided I HAD to stop and say LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! What great info you gave on the wallpaper series. I love wallpaper too and I do see it is making a “come back” in our world of interior design! Your series on this makes it “oh so FAB ” so much that I’m sure it will inspire many of your readers. Way to go!!!

    I hope you are doing well and I will try and read a little more often than I have here recently………..You inspire me!!

    Have a “FABULOUS” day!!!

  • Summer Turner

    Kimberly, the basketweave would be perfect for my cottage-style home. But can wallpaper be put over bead board (I think that’s what it’s called) — where there are shallow “channels” between the panels? In other words, does a wall have to be solid to take wallpaper?

    • Kimberly Grigg

      Yes, it can, Summer! However, you must line the walls first with a wallpaper liner. The thickness of the paper matters, too. A professional installer can best advise you. I wallpapered over paneling successfully with a liner and a fairly thick paper (which the the basketweave paper is)… and it was FABULOUS! Thanks for your question!

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