My Life, Lately…

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to ‘fill you in’ on my life for the past few weeks…

As many of you know, I appear to be healthy as a horse and since I am a petite and very energetic person, I am probably the last person that you would think could have a mini stroke.  Year after year, my doctor’s chart remains unfilled and boring so you can imagine my surprise when this occurred.  Nonetheless, it did and I offer this story in hopes that many of you can benefit from my experience.

Warning signs:  severe headache, slurred speech, blindness in one or both eyes, numbness, a feeling of being disoriented.

So, I was at work making a copy and said to my General Manager, “I just lost my vision in the bottom half of my right eye.  I have so much work to do, please keep an eye on me and I am going to go back to my work station.”  I felt better within about 10 minutes and then it returned.  Shortly thereafter, one of my employees asked me a question and I clearly thought of the answer but when I went to speak it, the words came out all slurry.  The employee became concerned.  I tried again and the same thing happened.  She reacted so quickly because she recognized the signs (ex pharmacy school student!) of a stroke.  Within minutes, my employees had me in the car and on the way to the hospital.  I later learned that had I not gone so quickly, this could have been fatal.

Once at the hospital, it was determined that this was a TIA “mini stroke”.   Mine was caused by a spike in blood pressure which apparently happens quite often with me.  My blood pressure is normally very low, however, when I become stressed, my blood pressure spikes pretty high.

As it turns out, I have had great support from family, friend, clients and the medical community.  I am working hard to find ways to de-stress.  In my opinion, this was a billboard, not a sign, so I am paying attention.  This has become a pretty major journey and I am learning new things every day.  A life coach, yoga, regular exercise program, set business hours, learning to delegate and let go have all been a huge part of this journey.

The support from everyone has been tremendous and I feel special and loved.


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From the KHI Retail Studio -

If interior design is my life partner, fashion is my first love.  It literally brings me so much joy to walk into Knotting Hill Interiors everyday and share both of my passions with the world.  It also has done wonders for my wardrobe!  I don’t have to go any further than “to work” to find beautiful clothes, stunning jewelry and fabulous accessories such as shoes, hats, scarves, etc.  It’s like playing dress up every single day (and I have been known to throw in a costume change or two at lunchtime!).

I’ve been giddy with excitement about being able to share some of our newer items with y’all the past few weeks.  There are so many customers (local and long distance) that are not aware of the amazing selection of retail available at Knotting Hill Interiors.  I tell many of my girlfriends husbands that we are literally a “one stop shop” if you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, no matter the occasion.

I love dresses.  I love wearing them.  I love how they make me feel so feminine and pretty.  I especially love trying to pick the perfect dress that will be great for work – and then easily transition into something I can wear out to dinner if my day goes long and I don’t have time to run home and change.  And, I always look for pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down with the right jewelry.  If you know me, I am never without my accessories.  Finding the perfect necklace or bracelet is just as important as the dress itself!  I look at fashion through a very similar lens that I do for interior design.  Sometimes, it might be the accessory (that fantastic chair or breathtaking chandelier) that is the “wow” statement in the room.  Same goes for fashion!  The perfect vintage necklace could easily steal the spotlight from the dress you spent months waiting to wear with your open toed sandals!  Ok, so are you ready to see some of my favorite dresses of Knotting Hill Interiors spring season?


This is the perfect dress for me to wear if I know I have day full of meetings and I also know I am ending the day at one of my favorite restaurants with my husband sipping on a glass of champagne.  Sometimes a girl just has to add a little “bling” at the beginning of the day if she knows she has a long day ahead.  And of course, always end the day with some sparkle!

Beige sheer dress with metallic leather polka dots. Beige tank dress comes with. $188.99
Pearls necklace $27.99
Vintage Cross brooch necklace $216.99



This would be one of those everyday pieces.  I could do my design installations in this dress. It’s comfortable, it won’t show wrinkles or creases and it’s really fun! While the dress leans a little bit more towards trendy rather than classic and elegant (which is more my style) the jewelry brings the sophistication it needs to work in my closet.

Navy/Pink dress $164.99
John Wind Equestrian necklace $126.99
Small pearl necklace $105.32



Ok, this dress is HOT!  The lines on this dress are very flattering.  And, did I mention this dress has built in body shaping!! After I have had a few great weeks of yoga and the gym, this is the kind of dress that I put on and I spend the entire day feeling absolutely amazing about myself (and then treat myself to a big piece of chocolate cake at the end of the day!).  I LOVE the pop of orchid and turquoise in the necklace as well.  I’d probably rock an amazing radiant orchid (color of the year!!) clutch to top off this outfit.

NUE by Shani dress Ivory/Black/Red. Built in body shaping $333.99
Statement necklace $43.99



Can you say, “I’ll see you at the races?”  Many of you know that I probably spend as much time with my daughter at horse competitions as I do at the store.  I love supporting Grayanna and her gift of riding and her love of horses. So, it would be quite natural for me to spend a morning in the office and an afternoon cheering her on at a competition.

Heather Blond Montauk Deep V neck dress with rhinestone detail $180.99
Whittall & Shon, Avery hat $140.99


This is another dress that is just so everyday me.  I look great in this style. It’s fresh and colorful and most of all, comfortable. Skinny belts are back – and we have plenty of them at the store!

Mint shift dress with flutter sleeves $59.99
Turquoise skinny belt $14.99
Bangles $16.99
Pink beaded necklace $42.99

Do you love what you see?  All of these dresses (and so many more!) are available at Knotting Hill Interiors right now!  If you are a long distance fan, give us a call and tell us which piece (with the descriptions we used for the clothes and accessories!) and we will be happy to ship it right to your door! And if you are a local – well, why haven’t I seen you in the store yet!

South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

I am not a huge fan of April Fools Day, and on the 1st of April each year I have a lot more on my mind other than pulling pranks on people.  Facebook does make it quite amusing sometimes, (so and so got is having a baby, getting married, etc.).  Being the mother of a teenager and adolescent, I’ve been the victim of the usual suspect jokes (fake spiders in the pantry, that sort of thing), but I learned to be ready for that at any moment, any day of the year.  Not just April Fools.

No, on April 1st most years I am much more excited about the last frost behind us, the blossoming buds on the trees around my home springing into green to give my yard the perfect compliments of shade and sun all summer long and of course, Peter Cottontail.  Mr. Bunny.  A true southern home is not ready for the Easter holiday without one and at Knotting Hill Interiors, the bunnies have invaded (for lack of a better word!).  They are everywhere and looking for the perfect home to grow up with your own southern traditions.

All of my bunny friends below are available for purchase at Knotting Hill Interiors, and, if you see one you love and can’t make it into the store, give us a call and we will make sure he makes it to you in time for Easter Day! Give us a call at (843) 916-4455.


Gotta just love this old guy.  He is like one of those older dogs you see at the Humane Society.  You did not go visit the Humane Society to come home with anything, but there was this one….  And, then before you know it you are taking home a new dog.  He will be so proud to be a part of your family, he will want to stand guard at your front door to show off his new collar or big bunny bow. Large decorative bunny made of sticks- $159.99


The only thing that would make this handsome chap more perfect would be if he was holding a champagne glass!  He will put a smile on everyones face, so put him in a place where he will get the attention he demands!  If you are having an “adult” themed Easter brunch or dinner (meaning there will be adult beverages), place him on the drink cart with a few tulips to show everyone in his vase. White glass bunny holding flower vase- $24.99


He is standing up and ready to greet you on the table in your foyer! Or, as a part of your Easter Brunch tablescape. Faux moss covered bunny- $55.99




Reminiscent of the “chocolate covered bunnies” you might want to keep these guys out of arms reach from children and adults alike as they might be checking to see if there is anything edible beneath their colorful coats!  Great for your mantle or coffee/side table. Tall ceramic bunny covered in colorful aluminum- $35.99


These guys are perfect for a small little space on your bookshelf, bedside table or greeting your guests in your powder room! (Laying down white wooden bunny- $27.99, Big cracked pottery eggs with glitter- $17.99-$75.99)


Oh, and last but not least – we can’t forget the front door! Pink Easter wreaths- $21.99 each

South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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Secrets of Southern Design: Southern Comfort

“The soul of a southern home is grounded in graciousness and comfort. A southern home just wouldn’t be southern if comfort was not fundamental to the design process.”

~ Kimberly Grigg, Secrets of Southern Design

CK_KHI_AD_Callahan_2009-59 copy

Every person who walks into a southerner’s home is made to feel like family right away.  We want you to gasp at the beauty of our rooms and yet a minute later snuggle in as comfy as a kitten on the sofa.  We want you to relax and put your feet up but also to serve you tea with our finest china.




This living room is all about a central gathering space.  It is the central space of the floor plan, and as such I thought it would be fun to place a roundabout settee right in the center of the room.  The ceilings in the room are very grand, yet the room (believe it or not) is actually quite small.  The last photo in this post really give a more clear perspective of the actual size of the room. The furniture arrangement proved difficult, partly because the piano was a necessity.

The roundabout ended up being the “important” piece in the room, as it provides extra seating while still contributing to a certain “movement” to the room.  That is a crucial element to the aspect of comfort as well.  It’s not just about squashy down filled cushions and butt tested furnishings.  It’s also about carefully addressing the bones of the room structure, as well as a furniture plan that allows for ample interaction both when you gather as a family and when you entertain.  This room has been proven to function well for large gatherings (many of which I have been fortunate enough to attend), as the seating is perfect for groups as well as intimate conversations. The angle of the room in the photo below gives a clearer perspective of the actual size of the space.


What is the one big secret to creating successful southern rooms?  Don’t take yourself (or the room) too seriously! Keep your sense of humor, remember to laugh and trust in the process.   A good rule of thumb to always follow is to ask yourself, “Could I live in this room”" and  ”Does this room really show my personality?” When we southerners are brave enough to let our hair down and allow our personality to show, our rooms will thank us for it.

(Blog exerpt taken from Secrets of Southern Design, available for purchase at Amazon.com)

South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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Inspired Easter Ideas: Front doors, Tablescapes and Mantles!

Easter is one of my most favorite times of year!  Besides being able to wear white shoes again (although I have been known to break that rule whenever I feel like it) it’s a time of rebirth, rejoicing and spring cleaning (read more about cleaning here).   It’s also yet another opportunity to bring this special time of year into your home through design and there are three main spaces in your home to focus on that will make a big splash without taking up too much time or breaking the bank!

Front Door

Make a statement before your guests even enter your home! You can truly set the tone and create a particular feeling just by hanging a beautiful wreath with fresh or faux flowers and plants (although there are so many beautiful fresh flowers to choose from in the spring and if you were going to splurge for one fresh wreath a year, it would definitely be an Easter wreath.



I had a hard time choosing my favorite image to display as there are so many wonderful ideas on how to dress up your table for Easter Brunch.  If I can give a few tips to think about – I love to go above and beyond at my table, even for my weeknight family dinners.  I ALWAYS use a cloth napkin and I ALWAYS keep something fresh and green on my table, preferably right from my backyard.  So, when I have the opportunity to put together a tablescape for a holiday, I love going all out.  It helps when you have been collecting holiday decor for over 20 years as well.  Each year you might purchase a few new things to freshen up what you already have, or get the kids involved with a DIY project that you can show off over these on easter morning.


Keep it simple!  Pastel dyed eggs, some filler, metal bowls and an old piece of wood with a single coat of paint!


I love the bud vases!  They are so easy to pick up anywhere and you can create a beautiful look in seconds.


Get creative! I just love this “nest” with carnations and dyed eggs!


The mantle is usually one of the first places someone is drawn to when entering a room and is a perfect opportunity to highlight a more decorative easter vase, porcelain bunny or other holiday collectibles.  Be sure to look at what you already have hanging around that you can pull out and dress up for the occasion as well.  A beautiful plate or re-framing pictures of the kids in Easters past are a great way to honor the holiday.


Hurricane style vases are wonderful to keep around all year.  Put a candle in them for everyday and then create a holiday look during the seasons.


Old friends who come out every year quickly become family favorites (and part of the family as well.)


Maybe not the books, but I am in love with this bell jar.

Remember what it is all about…

In the hustle bustle of planning the brunch menu, scheduling a family photo session, painting eggs and picking out the perfect easter outfits for the kids, I try to keep the reason for this season in my heart.  Rejoicing in the miracle of the day, in Christ and what he sacrificed for us is truly worth celebrating not just on Easter day, but everyday.


South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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